How Much Does Invisalign Cost With Insurance ?


There’s no question about the effectiveness of Invisalign when it comes to correcting and guiding your teeth into its proper and rightful position. The experiences of previous patients and users of the dental device are more than enough validation about the role that can be played by this dental product. This is the reason why this procedure and product slowly but surely gains acceptance and popularity in the market. But there’s one thing that keeps others from totally preventing and enjoying the procedure- the cost of having the procedure. How much does invisalign cost with insurance ?

Though almost similar in design with the metal braces, these orthodontic solutions are more desirable and comfortable thus these fetch a higher price. In some instances, the dentists may charge 20 to 50 percent higher than the usual costs associated with the price of having metal braces! This can be lowered of course if you are covered by insurance but if you’re not then this could be stiff price to pay.  But as they say, sometimes you have to pay for something that truly works, Invisalign included.

Checking the Pricing and Payment Scheme for Invisalign Braces

So before you sign up for the procedure, try to:

  • Check how much is the regular cost of the Invisalign procedure;
  • Check the factors that influence the overall price of the procedure;
  • Check the cost of procedure with insurance and;
  • Check the cost of Invisalign with discount plan in place.

By clarifying all these things, you’ll have an open mind in meeting the overall costs of the procedure and you’ll understand why the dental product cost that much.

How much is the regular cost of the Invisalign procedure?

Cost varies depending on the severity of the dental issue. But if you’re looking for a ballpark figure for budgeting purposes, then expect that you’ll shell out somewhere between $3000 and $9000. If you have a budget of $5000 then you’ll find a good service.

What are the factors that affect and influence the overall costs of the procedure?

As mentioned earlier, costs vary and one factor is the severity of the condition. Other than this, expect the duration of treatment, your location and the pricing scheme of your dentist will also have a say on the actual cost of procedure. If the issue is simple, procedure can lasts for just 6 months thus will come cheaper.  For dental issues that are a little bit complicated, say an adjustment for some teeth is needed then this can be costly and may last longer. The education and training of the dentist will also add up to the actual cost.  And if you select a private practitioner, then expect a higher fee as well.

If we can save with insurance, how much will the final cost be?

Everyone wanting to take advantage of the procedure should not be affected by the actual pricing of the procedure. This can be cut down, provided you have a working dental plan in place. But keep in mind that not all dental insurance offered in the market will cover the procedure. There are some plans that do, and some plans don’t actually do much cover. So here’s a tip when shopping, take a look all the options and the coverage before you actually make a decision.

Some policies that cover orthodontic procedures can get you discounts from $1000 to $2500, but there’s a chance that you can increase the discounts. Review what you have in hand. If the plan does not cover orthodontic procedure, then you can’t get discounts for your Invisalign. But it doesn’t mean that you’ll suffer all the way. What you can do is apply for a supplementary plan on top of the regular plan. This will gives you coverage for a specific coverage like orthodontic, which means you’ll have to pay the premium that is just designed for the procedure thus you can expect that it will come in cheaper. But expect additional premiums every month just to maintain the plan.

How much would Invisalign cost if you have a discount plan in place?

There are two ways in order to cut the costs; you can either get a supplementary plan or apply for the discount programs. The latter is like a membership plan that can give you dental discounts on some procedures. And the good news is that you can find a plan that can only cover orthodontic-related procedures. A good plan to start with is OrthoCare Orthodontic Discount Program where you’ll have to pay for an annual membership fee of $84.95 to cover a single person and $109.95 if you want the rest of the family to be covered.

If you want to get the best out of these plans, make sure that you sign up or allow other family members to be signed up on the year they are expected to undergo Invisalign procedures. This, all of you can get the usual discounts of 15 percent to 20 percent off from the regular rates. You can even get out of the membership plan the next year once the procedures have been completed within the year! This program can cover orthodontic-related procedures for all ages and sign-up can done online.

Before You Go – Meet With Dental Insurance Provider for Other Questions on Invisalign

There are some things about the procedure that should be clarified immediately in order to get the best value and understanding. There are some dental plan providers that don’t actually cover and appreciate Invisalign- for them, this isn’t an important and needed procedure to correct dental issue since the metal braces can do the job. For these providers, the procedure is simply an aesthetic need wanted by some to pander on the looks and ego. This is the reason why most cover metal braces, but find the procedures difficult to swallow and accept.

This is an important clarification to be made with the dental insurance provider, well other than the cost. Also, ask the time frame on when you can start availing the benefits. All of these are important questions that you should ask.