Options for Corporate Dental Insurance: Choose Based on Plan Size, Cost


There are many ways on motivating employees and boosting productivity, and one effective way is to include a corporate dental insurance into the compensation and benefits package. sure there are different types of benefits that can be used and tapped, but a plan that will help secure the dental health of the employees will surely bring more ROIs for the long term not just for the company but for employees as well.

For the employee side, having this kind of plan will help them become secure. If in case there’s a dental emergency that will arise at least there’s the plan that can cover the cost and the employees will no longer have to worry about the financing. The number of absences due to dental emergencies can be cut since there is a network of dentists that can help and assist the employees. Employees will have access to dental coverage at a lower cost compared to getting it individually, where cost could be higher.

The benefits of companies taking the corporate dental insurance are more pronounced. With less absences and lost hours, productivity is protected and the company’s bottom-line is safe. In short, it’s a win-win solution for both the employers and the employee thus there should always be a plan for the employees in the company setting.

Choices for Dental Insurance to Meet Varying Company Needs

But with so many plans present, how can one employer efficiently select the best?

The challenge is on the company owners and decision makers to get the best dental insurance plan suited to the needs, the preferences, size and capabilities of the company. The good news is that there are different dental insurance plans best for different company needs and some of these include:

  • Middle Market Corporate Plans
  • Plans for Part-Time and Hourly Employees
  • Corporate Plans for Large Companies

Each type is explained in great detail below.

Middle Market Corporate Plans

For companies maintaining between 51 to 3000 employees, then these companies are categorized as middle market companies and fit for the Middle Market Corporate Plans. In fact majority of the companies now in the US are under this category. And if your company belongs to this category, you can check out the leading providers like Aetna, Delta Dental and Guardian Dental.

Aetna is a leading provider of insurance plans and offers companies with its Middle Market Accounts. This provider delivers a host of benefits to member companies and employees including a nationwide network of dentists, 24/7 customer service, internet-based tools and resources. And the best thing is that enrolment into the plan is easy, and middle-sized companies will not find it hard signing up with Aetna.

Delta Dental is a familiar name when it comes to dental insurance and best for firms that maintain 51 to 229 employees. There are two options available here, the Delta Dental PPO program and the DeltaCare USA program. Expect preventive care for these two plans and both comes with affordable rates, thus meeting the demands of companies under a tight budget. Currently available only in certain states, the company has already pledged that it will cover additional states.

Guardian Dental Providers also answers the needs of mid-sized companies. Some of the benefits offered include electronic cost estimates for targeted procedures, a free directory for dentists and resources when it comes to dental care. Companies can choose from the PPO and the DDHMO/Pre-paid offers.

Plans for Part-Time and Hourly Employees

Did you know that even those who work part time or are paid on an hourly basis can also take advantage of dental insurance plans? There are companies with different structures and are staffed with hourly paid employees, and for this set there are also dental insurance that can be used and can be included in the package of benefits. And when it comes to this specialized set, a well-known player to deal with is Aetna.  Aetna has a specific business arm that cover the needs of this business set and this is known as the Strategic Resource Company or simply called SRC. The plan is referred to as the Aetna Affordable Health Choices. The plan is good for a small company due to the limited benefits available. But the available benefits are more than enough to meet the demands of employees. This is also offered and given to newly hired employees that haven’t yet met some requirements.

Signing up with Aetna is convenient since this is supported by the large PPO network and members can take advantage of other benefits in the form of wellness care and discounts for prescription drugs.  Since this is from Aetna, enrollment is easy you can choose from among three modes of enrollment- paper, online or through the Interactive Voice Response.

Corporate Plans for Large Companies

For companies exceeding 3000 employees, the option is the corporate plan. Top players in this segment include Aetna and CIGNA. Aetna has its National Accounts. The insurance company takes an active role in helping employers keep cost low by helping the employers assess the health and productivity of the employees. From here, the insurance company suggests the best plan that is cost-effective for the company and employees. Aetna also provides feedback that helps employers change direction if the plans are not working for their employees.

CIGNA provides the alternative plans known as the Indemnity Range and Co-Insurance Range. This is the leading option for large companies, and the plans are straightforward as it lists the procedures covered and the corresponding costs. By the way there are four different versions of the plan, and for each variant you get different annual limits and reimbursement levels.

Here are Your Motivations to Choose Corporate Dental Insurance

The economy is tough right now and many families are finding it hard to make ends meet. But it doesn’t mean that you need to forget about your dental health needs. This is important, and having coverage even though a minimal one can go a long way. And if the company can provide a corporate dental insurance, then much better and will surely helps the employees.

Most of the insurance plans don’t offer a comprehensive coverage, and some are known for limitations. But with low premiums offered to employers, it’s totally unwise to take corporate insurance for granted. And since the overall cost is shared between the employer and the employee, the resulting premium is actually much lower plus rates can still be negotiated if there are many signatories or members.  And for limitations, employees can simply get supplementary plans to cover the procedures not included in the corporate plan. In short, corporate dental insurance is too good to pass up.