Guardian Dental Insurance – Guardian Dental Plans For Your Teeth


Discover why Guardian dental insurance company offers reliable dental insurance plans for individuals and businesses – the same market targeted by the rest of the offers from Guardian Life Insurance Company. The dental insurance plans from Guardian are just some of the products of the well-known insurance provider, which also markets life insurance, care insurance, disability insurance, and medical insurance. On top of these, Guardian also has other financial products and services in store mostly for businesses. Surveys have in fact shown that Guardian satisfies around 97% of its consumers.

Guardian is also especially trusted for its high-quality dental plans with good services offered by its credible network of dentists.

This same package is offered to both individuals as well as businesses who wish to provide dental benefits to employees.Dental insurance plans from Guardian offers unique combinations of benefits that aim toward the same cause: lowering the overall out-of-pocket dental costs of dental patients without sacrificing the quality of dental care.

Guardian dental insurance makes this possible by its varied dental plan options. Here are some of the unique plan offers you can avail of from Guardian.

Guardian Dental Insurance Plans At Your Service

  • Guardian PPO Dental Plan
  • Guardian DHMO Dental Plan
  • Customizable dental plans from Guardian

1. Guardian PPO Dental Plan

Guardian Dental

Guardian’s primary dental plan offered is the PPO plan. PPO plans are the most wanted plans around, and most dental insurance providers offer these as their main products because it offers the flexibility that most consumers nowadays are after. In a PPO plan, the plan holders are allowed to make their own choice when it comes to the dentist they trust. Dental care, after all, is a sensitive topic. It’s not something you can trust to just anybody.

So it helps that a dental plan can offer you discounts on dental procedures done by your choice of a dentist. A lot of consumers already have a dentist they trust, and the idea of switching dentists just because they’re getting a plan is usually not a given. More often than not, they switch plans to accommodate the dentist they trust.

To meet that need, Guardian offers a PPO dental plan. This plan offers discounts regardless of which dentist you visit; the discounts are just bigger when you choose a dentist belonging to the Guardian PPO network. Savings will range up to around 30% in total.

2. Guardian DHMO Dental Plan

Guardian also offers a DHMO or HMO option, the second most popular dental plan type around. The DHMO plan option is a pre-paid option, which is more ideal for those who don’t like paying out of the pocket in an unplanned way. Since the plan is pre-paid, you can prepare and plan for the financial cash out. There are several types of DHMO dental plans from Guardian dental insurance. The plans are offered differently in different locations.

There are DHMO plans especially for California residents, and the plans offered for Florida residents are also different. There are also plans in New Jersey, New York, and Texas. These plans are designed based on location.

3. Customizable Dental Plans from Guardian

Guardian also offers various customizable dental plans that afford consumers with the flexibility to design their plans according to their various needs. This is a great choice for those consumers who want a dental plan they can trust but can’t afford the existing offers of the company. These customizable plans are called DentalGuard Basic.

The DentalGuard Basic allows consumers to settle for the coverage that they need. For example, if you have healthy teeth, you don’t have such a large coverage. You can settle for something smaller then. This way, your needs are met but your budget stays right on track.

Guardian Dental Insurance Innovates

One of the secrets behind the success of Guardian dental insurance is its knack for innovations. Guardian recognizes the need for change as consumer’s needs also change. This is why it has come up with an innovative new product, which it calls the Maximum Rollover. Under this plan, if members are unable to use all the benefits in their plan in a year, they can roll these benefits over to the next year. This is helpful for those who are not in need of regular dental care but would like coverage for the unexpected dental emergencies.

There are special requirements necessary for you to be able to avail of this innovative and very flexible dental plan from Guardian. The maximum rollover plan comes with an annual claim limit which you have to meet, and you still need to submit a claim to receive your benefits. It’s not the most convenient, but it is definitely unique in its roll over option.

All in all, Guardian’s flexible and innovative nature has won consumers over. This adds on to Guardian’s network of more than 90,000 dentists and significant savings on most dental services. Many dental insurance plans can be found everywhere, but a lot of people trust companies like Guardian and avia dental insurance with their dental care needs. Guardian dental insurance has become, in every way, several people’s dental guardian.