How Much is Invisalign ?


It’s one question that gets asked over and over again- how much is Invisalign? This is an expected question coming from a person suffering from a dental issue. Got misaligned teeth that need to be corrected? Then this new dental procedure can be an excellent solution. Though the usual and traditional metal braces work, there are some issues with the braces that make people and patients think twice. For example, if you are using metal braces then you cannot take it off unless the dentist does the removal. Since this is made from metal, you can get sores from time to time and it can be painful for the first-timer. And finally, having metal braces simply don’t look good.

Given these limitations, Invisalign capitalizes. The braces are invisible and removable thus an excellent dental solution. But there’s one problem though that needs to be faced- this comes at a higher cost. Yes, a simple procedure with Invisalign may cost like the average complex procedure with metal braces. But if the condition is complex, then patients need to pay up more than, as much as $9000! But for simpler procedures, expect to pay up between $3000 and $5000. So what makes the cost vary, and why these are important to know?

Breaking Down the Factors that Affect Invisalign Cost

If you want to get advantage of the procedure and the technology without having to pay a premium then you must know the factors that affect the actual pricing of the procedure. There are four major factors that you need to keep in mind:

  • Length of time for treatment
  • Choice of dentist for the procedure
  • Complexity of dental treatment
  • Location

Length of time for treatment

Once you agree to be under this treatment then there’s a maintenance phase and you’ll need to see your doctor at least once every 4 weeks. This is the time when a new set of aligners will be used. The longer you are meeting your dentist for consultations and new sets of braces, the cost of the total procedure increases as well. The new sets of braces that will be given are scheduled in order to guide you in the different stages of treatment. It’s a slow process where your dental issue is slowly corrected. On average, a procedure will lasts a year. For minor conditions, the problem can be remedied in less than six months but expect a longer treatment for complex dental issues.

Choice of dentist for your procedure

Try asking at least three dentists from the same city and ask how much will they charge if you are thinking of Invisalign. Chances are you’ll get three different estimates. This is the nature of the business, and it can be expected that each dentist you ask will have a different way of assessing the cost of the procedure even if they are looking at the same patient. With this in mind, remember that the choice of dentist can also affect the overall cost of the treatment.

So what could be the reasons cost vary?

One reason is the differences in backgrounds. Many dentists train and are educated in different schools. Also, there are specializations that each dentist pursues. And while they are attending their respective schools and courses, each will attend and get their own different trainings and seminars and they get certifications for that. Count the fact that dentists can run their own clinics and some are employed and currently connected with different hospitals. Consider these as your many reasons and factors that affect the actual pricing of the Invisalign procedure.

There’s a simple rule to know when trying to calculate the rough cost that you’ll need to face when considering the procedure. If the dentist is backed by long years of experience and known for many trainings and certifications, expect a higher payment. And if the dentist maintains his own clinic, then it’s a sign as well that the cost may be higher.

These are just the major factors that you’ll have to contend with. And if you do business with a dentist who invests well in highly-advanced dental tools and equipments, then there’s a big chance that the cost may increase too. In short, there are too many factors that come into play and affect the total cost of procedure and sometimes it’s way beyond your control. Since these factors are given, then the best move to do on your homework and compare the costs. Make sure that you get the competitively-priced one without sacrificing the quality of the service.

The complexity of the dental treatment

The dental problem that you want to address, and the extent of that issue is one MAJOR factor in the determination of the actual cost. Just before the actual procedure, the attending dentist will check for the specific dental condition and the extent of treatment that is needed. If the dental issue is just minor, the cost will be lower. But if the minor dental condition requires longer treatment then you’ll have to pay more. Or it could happen the other way around. In short, cost really varies on a case to case basis. So if you decide that you’ll need this procedure then the attending dentist will require you to undergo a complete check-up. Once done, the dentist will draw up a treatment plan which you need to approve.

Even your location can affect cost

Yes, even your actual location may have a say on the final costing of the package. Dental procedures vary from one area to the next, and sometimes the variance amounts to 30 percent. This can be linked to the difference for demand, the number of practitioners available and the quality of the dental practitioners in a given area. In short, expect some states where the cost of Invisalign can be higher.

What Are Included in the Fees?

The final and agreed price already covers a number of things needed in the successful conduct of the procedure. This is the common arrangement in many areas. And if you are curious on what constitutes the overall cost, then you can always request the dentist to list it down for you. The actual costs should cover a number of things including the supplies and materials. It is also understood that the package includes payment for the Align Technology Inc., the same group that creates the customized aligners for all patients. Each dentist is required to pay off the company around $1500 for every patient, and this is based on 2008 figures. The share has been increased now, but you can be sure that the company comes clean with the actual costs it charges per patient.

Other cost components include the appliance/equipment, doctor’s fees, dentist consultations, planning of treatment and the expertise of the doctor. All these things come into play, and more importantly it’s about the time component. Your time and the doctor’ time must meet of course, and that’s an important resource. The longer the treatment, the higher the final cost of Invisalign will be.