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Affordable dental insurance is a must if you want to preserve your dental health. But they come in great numbers, with such options as Metlife Dental Insurance, Aetna Dental Insurance and Guardian Dental Insurance dominating much of the market.

What are the best dental insurance plans and what are the top companies ?

To find out it is time to explore the best affordable dental insurance plans  ranging from individual dental insurance, low cost dental insurance and full coverage dental insurance.

veneers for teethIn addition to this, you need to take care of your general dental health – if you are seeing low cost dental implants and wonder about dental implants cost, cosmetic dentistry or looking for the best prices for veneers, what is the answer to this ?

You’ve reached Dental Tips and Dental Insurance – where we combine those two aspects. To give you the top advice on both dental health tips such as dental implants, veneers, restorative dental  procedures as well as what dental plan options are out there for you.

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You should also take care of your teeth on a regular basis. The first step towards good dental health is recognizing that your teeth deserve proper care from you. The teeth is covered and protected by the tooth enamel, and the tooth enamel needs your protection. This can get damaged due to force such as getting injuries or chewing on hard food. They can also be broken down by cavities that develop when sugary foods get stuck left on your teeth.

To prevent this, be protective of your teeth and brush your teeth regularly. If you can, always brush your teeth after eating sugary foods. Also, choose the right toothbrush and replace it after every two or three months.

Practicing proper dental care does not rule out the need to go to the dentist regularly. But it can help prevent major procedures that are costlier, more painful, and more dangerous to your overall health. It can be quite confusing with all these factors playings its part in the whole picture.

Luckily it does not have to be that way. At Dental Tips and Dental Insurance we give you information the best choices within both dentistry and dental insurance plans.

What are your Top Dental Plan Options – To Ensure Good Dental Health ?

To make the right choice within the dental insurance companies, whether your choice is a full coverage dental insurance, a low cost dental insurnance or family, you have to pick out the best options and compare them. It’s not hard to spot some of the best names in the industry. After all, insurance takes time for stability to settle in, and there are some notable dental insurance companies that have had a lot of experience and have proven that they can be trusted. Just some of these are MetLife dental insurance, Guardian dental insurance, and Aetna dental insurance, among many others.

If you want to get the best affordable dental insurance plans for you and your family, checking out these three best dental insurance options is one step towards the right direction.

We have in-depth articles on all of them here at Dental Insurance Tips.

1. MetLife Dental Insurance – One of the Best Affordable Dental Plan Providers

MetLife dental insurance is one of the longest-running and most highly recognized dental insurance providers around. MetLife offers two main dental insurance options: the Preferred Dentist Program and the Dental HMO, but the latter is only offered in three states namely California, Florida, and Texas.

The Preferred Dentist Program is the company’s main offer. It is also what MetLife dental insurance offers to groups. This is MetLife’s version of a PPO, which means members are allowed to go to any dentist they choose and get benefits out of every visit. The benefits increase when they visit a dentist within the MetLife PPO network.

As for MetLife dental insurance DHMO option, this is offered not by MetLife directly but by SafeGuard Health Plans, Inc., which is a MetLife company. In this plan, you can only go to dentists within the DHMO network. Members would have to pay pre-specified co-payments every time they seek service.

2. Guardian Dental Insurance Plans – From the Guardian Dental Company

Guardian dental insurance comes from Guardian Life Insurance Company. The company offers the best dental insurance plans for those seeking budget-friendly options and plans especially designed for families. They have the most basic coverage and they also have comprehensive coverage that includes even cosmetic procedures.

The most popular offers from Guardian dental insurance includes its own PPO offer, the Guardian DentalGuard Insurance Preferred dental program, which offers more than 70,000 network dentists so you can enjoy maximum discounts.

Guardian also came out with the innovative Maximum Rollover plan so that unused portions of plan holders’ annual maximums can be rolled over to the next year. Those who stay within their plan limits can easily avail of the Maximum Rollover advantage.

The basic offers include DentalGuard Basic Plus and DentalGuard Basic, which are low-cost dental insurance plans that encourage preventive care. These plans, however, are not pre-set. Customers are allowed to customize the plans based on what they really need.

You can also avail of some special offers include a pre-paid plan and special coverage for dental implants.

3. Aetna Dental Insurance – A top Notch Dental Provider

One of the most notable names you can come across with is Aetna dental insurance, which is known for its top notch offers. Aetna offers three main types of dental insurance plans: a PPO, an HMO, and a discount dental plan. Aetna dental insurance is also targeted to individuals, families, and to organizations – with a wide range of options ; low cost dental insurance and full coverage.

If you really want to save, check out the Aetna dental access discount plan. This is not actually considered as Aetna dental insurance, but rather like a special membership that entitles you to dental discounts. In other words, you pay for membership, not for coverage.

Nonetheless, you can get discounts of up to 60% on various dental procedures and you can get these discounts by visiting any of the 66,000 and currently growing number of dentists who have agreed to participate in the program. The membership also throws in discounts for orthodontics and other specialty care procedures.

With all the options around, how do you tell which dental insurance offer is really the best? Well, here’s the secret: there is no one best dental plan. But there is a dental plan that best fits your needs.

So to recognize the best dental insurance plans, determine your needs first. What level of care do you most need? Do you need basic care or do you need help with major dental problems?  This will determine the size of coverage you need and this gives you a road map to the best dental insurance for you.

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