Invisalign vs braces cost


Making Sense of Major Orthodontic Solutions, Invisalign vs. Braces :  A Cost Benefit Analysis

The dental procedure community is now being overshadowed by an interesting debate, Invisalign vs. braces. Is there really a need to get into this debate and discussion or this is just an exercise in futility? For some who are not in the field of not yet faced with a dental issue, then this question of choosing which is the best may be inappropriate and uncalled for. But for those in the industry and for patients requiring procedures that can correct their dental issues, then a debate between the two is needed and a must. As they say, there should always be options and this is true as well for the dental problems. With options comes choices, and with choices come better solutions.

And this is at the core of the debate between two of the leading dental procedures right now. The use of the metal braces is the old favorite, and the Invisalign is the new kid on the block.

Invisalign vs. Brace Cost Checking, And What It Can Do For You

Here’s the question- is Invisalign a good option in terms of efficacy? Is it better in terms of cost? And in the whole schema of cost-benefit analysis, which procedure or solution is the best? We look and compare all these things, and at the end of the guide you’ll know the basics about:

  • What are traditional metal braces
  • What makes Invisalign invisible aligners different
  • Is Invisalign Express the better option

All of these are designed to help you correct your dental problem, but when it comes to cost-efficiency and actual effectiveness not all options are on the same level. Now is the time to discover the similarities and differences.

What are traditional metal braces?

    For many decades now, this is the go-to solution when it comes to dental problems. And metal braces don’t disappoint. These can really help and are considered as effective. At a cost of $5000 or less these braces can easily address a number of dental issues and can deliver permanent results. These are fitted by the dentist, and can never be removed by the patient. Thus the dentist can easily monitor and track the treatment procedure according to his own terms.  Though it comes at $5000, still this is one of the cheaper dental solutions available and the reason why this is a favorite and common option right now. Expect this option to persist and attend to the needs of patients.

    And with advantages come the disadvantages as well. Braces are straight-forward dental solutions, and not designed to be aesthetically-pleasing. And since this is made from metal, there will be times that you can get sores due to the contact of the metal with the tongue. It takes a lot of time before one can really accustom himself with the wearing of the braces. If you are on a budget, then braces are the answers. Improve its look by selecting gold braces or in stainless steel. There are colored bands as well to improve customization of the braces.

    What makes Invisalign invisible aligners different?

      Don’t think that Invisalign is a different procedure/dental product; this works the same way with the braces but with two added advantages. Remember how ugly it is to wear metal braces? This new procedure instantly addresses that. Because the product is designed to be ‘invisible’ it will appear that you’re not wearing braces at all! And if the traditional braces are fixed, this time around, you can actually remove the aligners if you want it. For example, you want to eat or sleep without the braces on and you can actually make it happen. This is made and designed just like the metal braces thus you can expect same results in an aesthetical way, and you can say good bye to misaligned teeth or crooked spacing of your teeth.  The dentist though will have to make sure that you stick with the treatment plan.

      In terms of cost, there’s not much price difference between two. And on average you’ll have to pay $5000. For other complex procedures, you be asked to pay $9000.

      But is this the be-all solution for your dental concerns, i.e. misaligned teeth? Keep in mind that there are some instances when this can’t be used and you’ll have to make use of the braces. Another concern is availability. This is not widely available, and there are a limited number of dentists that are actually trained by the creators of the product, Align Technology.

      Is Invisalign Express the better option?

        If you are troubled with minor tooth rotations, mild crowding, minor tooth corrections and midline corrections then there’s another option that can be used. Consider this next option as a pre-alignment process in preparation for other dental procedures.

        Invisalign is a costly procedure, but it works. If you want to get the technology but in a tight budget a good option is to sign for the Invisalign Express instead. Also from the same group of designers of the aligners, this one gets the job done for minor dental issues at a reduced cost. The usual aligner will have twenty to thirty sets, but for this product you can expect ten or even fewer sets in order to make the product more affordable. Just to give you an idea, the Express can fetch anywhere from $1500 to $4000 which is a marked reduction from the original price. So there’s no reason why you will not choose this one, and still be ashamed of wearing the traditional metal braces.

        Suggestions on How and Where You Can Get Financing for All Options Considered

        Don’t have enough cash to finance your dental procedure? Don’t worry, you can always get financing help and one source of financial help is your dental insurance. Expect that all three options presented above are covered by the plan, provided that you have signed up for the orthodontic coverage and the company don’t include exemptions for Invisalign and Invisalign Express. Here’s what you can do, ask your provider if Invisalign and Express are tagged under orthodontics. At least from here you can have an informed decision making process on what’s the best choice.