How Much Does Invisalign Cost ?


Though not as popular as other dental products and treatment options, Invisalign is actually an important dental product/treatment option that one can get right now. Also known as invisible braces or invisible aligner, Invisalign as a product is actually a clear and removable dental device is placed over your teeth in order to correct and align crooked teeth. This is the same as your metal braces at least in terms of design, and the only difference is found in the materials used. So how much does invisalign cost ?

For the purpose of this product, a thermoplastic material is used instead of the usual metal. And in terms of purpose, this is similar to the teeth whitening trays since the trays are also placed on top of your teeth.  Though highly helpful and a smart way to address improperly positioned teeth, this dental product does not seem to enjoy the same popularity that is enjoyed by other products, say the braces. With that, there are some questions that circle around the product, and some patients are usually misinformed. If you are one of those that are finding it hard to find answers and resources on this product, the cost and the procedures involved then read this guide and be informed.

Breaking Down Invisalign: What to Expect, the Costs and Procedures Involved

Here are the basics on how this work. There’s a specially-made Invisalign for every patient, and this is fitted over the teeth of the person in order to correct and guide the teeth to its proper positioning. the aligner should be fitted and use for two weeks before you can use another one, and the total length of time to use the dental product will depend on your dentist. There are a number of topics and questions about the product are not yet covered. But read below to learn more about this, and to learn how you can take advantage of this. This short guide will help you further understand the following:

  • What can you get if you opt for this dental product
  • What to expect from the procedure
  • How much should you prepare for an Invisalign procedure
  • Are there possible limitations with Invisalign

What can you get if you opt for this dental product/solution?

    Just two words to remember here- invisible and comfortable. there are a number of reasons why you should sign up for one, but some previous patients are one in saying that the use of the product makes them comfortable and aesthetically-acceptable too since this is almost invisible. You no longer have to feel ashamed of the thick metal in your teeth since the design of the product allows for a neat way of guiding the teeth. In fact, the device can’t be seen or noticed by anyone from afar! This is comfortable as well since the material is not made from metal. Plus you can say goodbye to the usual sores that are associated in using metal braces. You’ll also love the flexibility that comes with the product. Just remove the device just before you eat or brush your teeth. You’re in control here, and that should be the case in every dental solution.

    What to expect from the procedure?

      Should you decide that this is for you, expect some procedures to follow. You don’t just select the first product that you see in the display; there’s a customized approach and every product is unique. For example, you’ll have to meet with the orthodontist first so that he can take photos and x-rays of your teeth. From here, the attending doctor will map out the treatment and set the goals i.e. how long can you get the objective.

      The teeth will be measured, and all information will be sent to the lab where technicians will create the customized braces that are used for every stage of the treatment. The lab is backed by advanced equipments like CT scan in order to perfect the products. Once done, it is the dentist who will fit the device on your teeth, and will guide you on how to maintain and use it. The usual treatment takes a year, but may vary depending on the severity of the dental condition. There are even cases where this is just used for four months for minimal issues, and when the device is worn at least 20 hours a day.

      How much should you prepare for an Invisalign procedure?

        Cost- this is one thing that people keeps on asking in relation to this dental procedure. Does it cost a lot? To set the record straight, yes the cost of having the procedure is comparable to that of having the metal braces and sometimes even higher. Here’s the thing, the longer (and the more difficult) the treatment then you can expect that cost will increase as well. Cost of the procedure varies depending on patient’s condition, and this is also influenced by your location, the pricing scheme set by the dentist. And sometimes, this is also affected by the coverage and discounts as offered by your dental insurance plan, if any. For those looking for a ballpark figure, try setting aside an amount between $3000 and $8000. A budget of $5000 puts you on the safe side.

        Are there possible effects/limitations with Invisalign?

          There are some minimal drawbacks and effects once you start using the dental product. Of course, there will be discomfort and this is expected since your aligners are starting to work and guide your teeth to the right positioning. Your speech faculties may be affected as well, and again can be expected. But keep in mind that any change in speech or subtle lisps will be out after a few days of use. Are you afraid that this product may affect your delivery of an important Office presentation? Just remove the product a few minutes before you face your audience, and you’re ready to go.

          There are some notes to remember too if you are under treatment. You’ll be asked to cut back on smoking and drinking since this will discolour your aligners. Chewing gum is also not advised. More importantly you’ll need to see your dentist at least once every four weeks for proper maintenance and checks.

          Guide to Properly Maintaining Your Invisalign

          Yes, the product does costs a lot but it works and that’s all it matters if you have a dental issue to correct. And because this is an important dental solution, you should always maintain the aligners the right way. Consider it as an investment that should last otherwise you’ll have to re-start the process (and pay additional fees!). What you can do is to follow the usual suggestions- stay away from smoking and drinking. Forget about your favourite chewing gum as well. Just before you eat, remove the aligners and brush your teeth before placing it again. You can also clean the aligners by rinsing it with lukewarm water and brushing it gently. All these suggestions can help you maximize the product, and you’ll be glad you did all these things in the end.