MetLife Dental Insurance – High-Quality Metlife Dental Plantal Plans


MetLife dental insurance offers dental patients the helping hand through their affordable dental care solutions. Coming from leading insurance company, MetLife Inc., the dental plans from MetLife are some of the most trusted in the industry, and MetLife’s reputation and experience in the insurance industry, plus its solid stability, are just some of the reasons why a lot of people trust MetLife dental plans.

There are several benefits to be gained from getting a dental insurance plan from MetLife. These benefits give you access to pre-negotiated fees as full payment for your dental procedures. These fees are only given to MetLife dental plan holders. Usually, the discounts range between 10% to 35%, and this already goes a long way, especially given the raging costs of dental procedures these days.

The discounts are just the main benefit you get. All in all, MetLife offers an extensive benefits package that only an experienced insurance provider can give you.

What MetLife Dental Insurance Offers

  • Large dental network to count on
  • Discounts on all dental needs
  • Hassle-free discounted dental treatments
  • Freedom to choose

1. Large dental network to count on

One of the most important things for a dental plan is the size of the dental network because this determines how many dentists you can choose from and how convenient it would be for you to seek dental care, especially when emergencies come. MetLife has the reputation that both consumers and professionals can trust, so the company also has a lot of dentists in its network.

Currently, the count has risen above 90,000, all of which are carefully chosen and screened to ensure the quality of dental care you receive. A large number of these dentists have specialized training to provide you with exactly the care you need. And to further improve the quality of dental care, MetLife offers its participating dentists assistance in pursuing continuing education and training.

2. Discounts on all dental needs

The PPO plans from MetLife dental insurance offers discounts not just on dental care received from network dentists. You also get discounts even if you choose a dentist who is not part of the MetLife network. This shows that MetLife is really committed to giving you proper dental care. The discounts will be smaller though, but you do get the comfort of knowing you perfectly trust the dentist you visit.

Choosing a dentist from within the network can give you free basic cleanings and some other basic preventive procedures, however, which will not be available when you choose a dentist outside the network. Fortunately, you will still get discounts of around 60% to 80%.

3. Hassle-free discounted dental treatments

MetLife also helps make dental care less of a trouble for you. Our teeth sometimes bring problems at the wrong time, and the problems often lead to so much hassle. Imagine all the bills to pay, all the visits you have to make, all the paperwork to deal with, all the claims to make. MetLife makes it all easier for you, however, by creating a streamlined system for you to follow. The system does not involve confusing paperwork anymore. MetLife also makes sure to be at the other end of the phone or fax waiting to answer your queries.

The MetLife website also allows you to view your dental insurance details anytime. You can check out your claim history, the status of your claims, and so on. This is dental care made so much easier.

Speaking of status of your claims, MetLife’s claims processing system is also timely and convenient. In fact, MetLife runs several programs aimed at improving overall consumer satisfaction. These programs include the Quality Initiatives Program.

4. Freedom to choose

MetLife dental insurance offers you the freedom to choose among different dental plans so you can enjoy the benefits that you need the most. The main offer from MetLife is the Preferred Dentist Program or PDP, the term they use for the more commonly known PPO. This works like a PPO plan: you get to choose your own dental provider. MetLife offers an online directory to facilitate your search.

Aside from that, however, you can also choose to join the HMO plans, which are available in California, Florida, and Texas, and can be availed by individuals and groups. The DHMOs are free from deductibles and annual maximums, which means no less out-of-pocket costs and unlimited benefits. The plan covers 340 different dental procedures so surely all your needs will be answered.

Which Treatments are Covered by MetLife Dental Plans?

MetLife dental  plans covers dental procedures in all four levels. The plans can offer discounts and even 100% coverage for all basic dental care procedures, which are mostly related to preventive and diagnostic dental care. These procedures include x-rays, oral examinations, and cleanings.

Aside from that, MetLife also offers discounts on intermediate procedures. This class of dental procedures include fillings and periodontal procedures.

On top of that, MetLife plans also lower the costs of major dental services. These include restorative services such as crowns and bridges, tooth replacement services such as dentures and implants, as well as all forms of root canal therapy.

MetLife also extends these benefits to advanced dental procedures, even orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry.

Depending on the plan you choose, you can get discounts of 100% on basic procedures, 55% to 75% on intermediate, 35% on major, and 50% on orthodontics.