Laser Tooth Whitening – Instantly Whiter Teeth in An Hour


Laser tooth whiteningLaser tooth whitening is now the most sought after and most effective way of enhancing the natural color of teeth without affecting the tooth surface and structure. Unlike dental procedures that simply cover up the problem areas on your teeth, laser procedures make long lasting improvements in the appearance of your teeth.

If you are faced with discolored teeth and want to improve your teeth’s appearance, you may want to know more about how to whiten your teeth the effective way.

What to Know About Whitening Your Teeth

  • Why You Need Laser Whitening for Your Teeth
  • Choosing the Right Tooth Whitening Technique
  • The Laser Whitening Procedure
  • Laser Whitening Costs

1. Why You Need Laser Whitening for Your Teeth

The reasons that cause discoloration of teeth are countless. This problem can affect any person. The risk of getting discolored teeth, however, can be heightened by certain factors.

These factors can include even the most unassuming foods and beverages you consume, like your daily morning coffee, your afternoon tea, the occasional tobacco you take out when there are guests, and red wine at the parties. Other foods and beverages that are highly acidic can contribute to the deteriorating quality and appearance of your teeth. Another well-known culprit, which is turning out to be the most common cause of tooth discoloration, is smoking.

Noticeably, all these factors can be easily avoided through a change in lifestyle or habits. Fortunately, discoloration, though irreversible, can be remedied, and one of the most promising ways of doing so is through laser whitening procedures.

2. Choosing the Right Tooth Whitening Technique

There are several tooth whitening techniques in the dental industry. Most people get self-conscious about teeth discoloration that their initial step in teeth whitening is to find remedies they can use at home and in secret. There are now toothpastes with whitening agents, whitening gels, whitening strips, and so on. Most of these products may be effective for some people but not for others; in other words, their effectiveness is not guaranteed.

It is best to seek actual whitening treatment from dental professionals. These professional teeth whitening techniques are more effective and can yield significant results in just one sitting. The procedure is done in a dentist’s office and is not invasive at all. All it takes is one visit and you leave your dentist with renewed teeth and renewed confidence.

3. The Laser Whitening Procedure

The laser tooth whitening procedure is the main tooth whitening procedure used by professionals. It uses a special gel formula based on peroxide. First, the gel is applied to the teeth. Then the laser light will be used to activate the whitening gel. The entire process lasts for more or less an hour, but its effects are really noticeable and can achieve a 10-shade difference.

Dentists use different brands of teeth whitening gels, but there isn’t much difference in the results. And since the procedure is simple and does not bombard your teeth with too much chemicals, bleach, and other whitening agents, the said procedure is more suitable for those who have sensitive teeth.

4. Laser Whitening Costs

Laser tooth whitening entails higher costs than the home remedies you can buy on the market. However, the laser whitening technology has been around for quite some time now. As with any new technology that is usually introduced with a high price, the prices of laser whitening procedures are starting to decrease as the procedure becomes more rampant and common.

The procedure is now becoming more and more pocket-friendly, and you can even find seveal dentists who offer discounted tooth whitening procedures as a way to bring in more patients as competition is also getting stiffer.

Reminders on Getting Laser Tooth Whitening

There are some reminders to keep in mind when seeking the laser procedure for tooth whitening. The most important reminder is that laser whitening does not completely change the color of the teeth. What it does is to lighten the existing natural shade. A lot of people get disappointed that they don’t end up with the pearly white teeth they expected. It is good to note, then, that the results of the said procedure differ for each individual.

Aside from that, despite the falling trend of laser tooth whitening prices, the professional procedure is still more expensive. But most patients are not able to resist the advantage of pearly white teeth that they can instantly get in as short a period as one hour.