Avia Dental Plans – Above Average Dental Coverage


avia dental plansAvia dental plan offers a great package for consumers looking for a way to make dental care more affordable and accessible. The company promises quite a deal: a reliable name to trust, a large network of dentists to choose from, and a very affordable discount dental plan that provides excellent coverage. With its dental plan offering coverage for preventive, basic, minor, and major dental procedures, Avia has everything you need.

Do you believe that you can receive dental service by paying just 20% of the total cost of whatever procedure you seek? Avia dental plans make this possible, and it has been paving the way for exactly this kind of affordable dental experience for the past thirteen years. There is no more question about the quality and reliability of Avia dental plans. The only question is how it can compete against competitors, and Avia knows this, which is why it goes beyond your basic needs and offers three-fold benefits with a single plan.

The Three-Fold Benefit of Avia Dental Plans

  • Straightforward and comprehensive insurance coverage
  • Special plans for special customers
  • Additional benefits

1. Straightforward and comprehensive insurance coverage

Of course, the main offer of Avia is a dental coverage package which allows you to receive high-quality dental care from good trustworthy dentists at a price that you can easily manage. Avia offers both group plans as well as individual plans. Their main product is the individual plan, which costs a rather surprising $8.00 for each month of coverage. In a year, you pay less than $100 but you get discounted dental rates all year through. Just imagine how much savings that equates to. This means dental care is no longer a problem especially for those who are not entitled to employer-provided dental insurance. But since the plan is extremely affordable, even those who have existing plans can get additional coverage from Avia.

But if that’s a pretty common offer, then here’s how Avia makes its name stand out. Avia provides you with a straightforward process of applying for membership into the dental plan. Aside from that, you can also start using your plan immediately after you sign up, so you can really take advantage of the generous offers of the company.

2. Special plans for special customers

Avia also creates a highly established name for itself by also providing special dental plan options for customers with special needs. Two of such customers are students and senior citizens. Both don’t have set incomes, so they need affordable dental insurance. Avia promptly heeds this call by offering even more affordable plans for students and for seniors over age 62.

4. Additional benefits

The entire group of competing dental plan providers sometimes appear to an ordinary consumer as one big glob that’s hard to comprehend. Avia manages to break free from this big glob by providing many additional benefits that makes it different from all the other existing dental plans in the market. Now, Avia dental plans also come with free discounts on eye care and on prescription drugs. Discounts can run from 20% to 60%. Aside from making the Avia dental plan option more enticing, this also shows Avia’s dedication to nothing but pure health.

Avia Dental Plans – A Great Choice for Group Dental Insurance

Avia dental plans cater to both individuals as well as to groups. You can avail of group plans for employees or family plans for you and your family members. Even when buying for a larger group, you will have an effortless way of applying for coverage from the company. Avia makes it easy for people to avail of its offers by preparing a very seamless application process.  And when it comes to budgetary concerns, do you know that Avia even offers group dental coverage at the lowest price of $4. There is no doubt why Avia dental plans are considered as one of the most recommended plans in the market.