Tooth Whitening Kits – How to Whiten Your Teeth At Home


tooth whitening kitsTooth whitening kits that can be used at home are very common these days, and are also pretty much in demand. Teeth yellowing, discoloration, or straining are prevalent problems that are stripping a lot of individuals away of their chances to flash their pearly white smiles. While dentists provide professional treatments such as laser tooth whitening, a lot of consumers feel embarrassed or just don’t have the time to go to a dentist. Thus, the over the counter teeth whitening kits are ideal for them.

Different Teeth Whitening Products

  • Crest 3D Whitestrips
  • AquaFresh White Trays
  • Plus White 5-Minute Speed Whitening System
  • Listerine Whitening Quick Dissolving Strips

1. Crest 3D Whitestrips

The most popular tooth whitening product is the Crest 3D Whitestrips, which comes in several types namely the Professional Effects, the Advanced Vivid, the Vivid, the Gentle Routine, and the Stain Shield. Each type has a different condition it is specifically designed for. For example, the Advanced Vivid and Vivid works better for those with darker yellowed teeth, while the Gentle Routine is great for those who have only minor discoloration. For maintenance against stains, the Stain Shield is the one.

Crest’s collection of tooth whitening strips are known for their effectiveness and ease of use. The strips are easily placed on the tooth surface and left there to do the job. This particular tooth whitening product is also quite affordable.

2. AquaFresh White Trays

The AquaFresh White Trays is a more recent addition to the list of tooth whitening kits on the market. The kit consists of disposable and flexible trays that are designed to fit snugly over the top and the bottom teeth. The trays are pre-filled with a bleaching gel with a 10% hydrogen peroxide content. When the trays hug the teeth, the whitening gel sets to work. The advantage of using this tray-type tooth whitening product is that both the front and back are covered. This is a very effective over-the-counter tooth whitening product highly recommended by many.

3. Plus White 5-Minute Speed Whitening System

A lot of great reviews also point to the Plus White, a 5-minute speed whitening system that can be bough in over the counter tooth whitening kits. This complete, easy to use, and very fast system promises whiter teeth if you use it regularly for just 5 minutes. The system comes in two forms: the whitening gel and the whitening trays.

The Plus White speed whitening system stands out because it gets almost perfect ratings in terms of effectiveness and ease of use, and it is one of the most affordable but high quality products out there.

4. Listerine Whitening Quick Dissolving Strips

Another popular type of tooth whitening kits is the dissolving strips. These are strips that are placed over the surface of the teeth and left there to dissolve. As they dissolve, the teeth absorb the strip’s base material, which are whitening agents.

One top-rating tooth whitening strip is the Listerine Quick Dissolving Strips. Listerine was the first brand to use the dissolving strip whitening technique. This was designed by Pfizer and became instantly popular. The Listerine strips really does dissolve within a few minutes, as compared to other strips which take a long time to dissolve.

One kit of the Listerine whitening strips contains 56 strips. One advantage of the Listerine brand is that the strips can be used for both the top and the bottom teeth; there is no distinction anymore, so you don’t have to buy separate kits. This allows more flexibility and customization so your specific needs are met.

Many users remarked on the difficulty of applying the strips, especially for first timers. However, once applied, the strips are said to be effective. The best thing is that Listerine is a trusted brand, so when it says that the hydrogen peroxide content of the strips is quickly activated then breaks down into water and oxygen so the user will not suffer from irritation and ingestion of the hydrogen peroxide, you can trust that claim.

How Long Does the Effects of Tooth Whitening Kits Last?

The longevity of the whitening effect cannot be pinned down to a particular length of time since different tooth whitening kits yield different results in different cases. Generally, though, most bleaching methods packaged in home kits should be able to whiten teeth with effects lasting up to three years. Before buying a kit, make sure to read reviews about it to see how other users liked the effect; some users may give you a clue as to how long the whitening lasted.