Safeguard Dental – Guarding Your Right to Affordable, High-Quality, and Trusted Dental Care


metropolitan dentalSafeguard Dental is a primary player in the dental insurance business. Although it is not the market’s most prominent name, it is getting a pretty good reception, with big thanks to its recent merger with MetLife, a major health and dental insurance provider. The company now offers high quality dental insurance products to help consumers access good dental care at affordable prices. Safeguard has made a name for itself in its 30 years in the business, but its recent merger has made it one of the strongest and most reliable companies to trust with your dental health care.

And since it is very important for a dental insurance company to be, first of all, reliable and financially stable, then Safeguard Dental already wins in this department. The company currently boasts of really good consumer satisfaction ratings. All in all, consumers praise the company for its excellent offers and the full package of benefits offered by the company.

The Full Benefits Offered by Safeguard Dental

  • Options and flexibility
  • Full protection and assurance
  • Accessibility and reliability

1. Options and flexibility

If you are interested in availing of dental protection offered by Safeguard Dental, you can choose from two available types of plans: the Classic and the Premier plans. Both plans offers dental insurance in a form and arrangement that is easy for the ordinary consumer to understand. Both also require only very minimal payments as membership fees that can be paid every month or every year. Aside from that, both plans even provide discounts on LASIK care, discounts on eyeglasses, frames, and contact lenses, and a $20 flat rate on comprehensive eye exams.

But the two different plans allows you to be flexible with the amount that you are willing to pay as premiums and co-poayments. The Classic choice dental plan features higher co-payments but lower premiums. The Premier Choice offers the lowest co-payments. This way, you can choose the plan that best fits your financial plan.

Aside from allowing you to choose your preferred plan, Safeguard also allows you to choose your preferred dentist. The dentists with whom Safeguard has contracted with are all highly credentialed and well-established in the field. Safeguard has a very in-depth dentist reviewing process to determine the quality of service that a dentist can provide. All members of the plan can go to any of these dentists to receive discounted dental care. You can freely choose the dentist that you want.

2. Full protection and assurance

Regardless of which plan you choose, however, you get coverage for more than 245 different dental procedures. Since all plans are covered, you only have to pay the set co-payments then leave the rest of the bill up to Safeguard Dental to shoulder. Although Safeguard’s philosophy is noticeably more focused on promoting preventive care, it nonetheless offers coverage for almost all dental procedures including specialty dental care services.

3. Accessibility and reliability

Safeguard Dental knows that the competition in the business is tough, but it manages to stand above the fray by paying a lot of attention to its service quality. This would refer to how reliable they are and how timely they are in delivering what they promise. Some companies have very tempting offers, but when it comes to delivering their promised benefits, consumers still have to go after them. With Safeguard, you don’t have to do that. In fact, the company eliminates all waiting periods to make sure you get prompt and timely care every time you need it.

The dental insurance plans from Safeguard are also easily accessible to any resident of California, Texas, and Florida, the three states where Safeguard concentrates its services on.

Add Your Trusted Dentist to the Safeguard Dental Network

There is yet another very unique offer from Safeguard Dental. The company allows you to refer or nominate your trusted dentist to the network. This way, you don’t have to change dentists just to avail of the discounts offered by Safeguard. If you’ve been with one dentist for so long and are comfortable with that dentist, make the nomination and Safeguard will contact the dentist for an invitation into the network. This is one door that only Safeguard Dental has opened for valued consumers like you.