Laser Teeth Whitening or Home Remedy? The Big Teeth Whitening Question


tricare dental insuranceLaser teeth whitening vs. home remedy kits – another big battle going on in the dental front. Teeth whitening procedures done in the clinic are now very common as more people become more aware of the attention the color and appearance of their teeth is getting. After all, our teeth color does shine out each time we smile, talk, and eat. Having discolored teeth can be rather embarrassing and can affect how you do all these things. However, a lot of people dealing with such a situation are often embarrassed to go see a professional about it, so they use home remedy teeth whitening kits instead? Which one is the more effective option?

Before we go into details about this pending battle, let’s first look at some common causes of teeth discoloration. Discolored teeth is often a sign of poor hygiene. Even if you decide to pick up a good dental hygiene eventually, your teeth may have already suffered from discoloration permanently.

Aside from that, several cases of discolored teeth are also associated with frequent smoking or intake of alcohol and coffee, both of which can cause affect the color of teeth. However, you can also get discolored teeth in case of tooth trauma caused by accidents or injuries.

For all such instances, which is the better teeth whitening option – laser teeth whitening or home remedy kits?

Home Remedy vs. Laser Teeth Whitening – Your Two Teeth Whitening Options

  • Using home remedy kits
  • Getting professional treatment
  • Comparing costs

1. Using home remedy kits

This is the more common solution that people with discolored teeth turn to because it is something they can do in the comfort of their own home. This means no one has to know about their embarrassing condition. The media tells us that there are so many teeth whitening products out there. Most home remedy kits come in strips that you place over the surface of the teeth for a specific amount of time. Some, however, come in gel form that is applied to the teeth surface.

The big question is, are these home remedy kits effective? The answer is both yes and no. Yes, they can work. But no, they won’t work if you use them incorrectly. You have to use the products every day without fail and for a specified period. There is a time clause as well. The products won’t just work after a few strips or gel applications. It would take you a lot of these products to finally start seeing a difference.

2. Getting professional treatment

Your second option is to get professional treatment, and your dentist will definitely suggest that you get laser teeth whitening. The laser procedure uses a laser light tool and a whitening gel. The laser is used to maximize the effect of the whitening gel when it is used so that the effects would be more obvious and the whitening agents would work faster. The laser treatment usually goes for an hour, and one hour can be equivalent to ten shades lighter than your original tooth color.

If you get professional treatment, you have to get touch ups from time to time to maintain the whiteness of your teeth.

3. Comparing costs

Without question, the home remedy kits are more affordable, though they take longer to take effect. Some more effective teeth whitening products have been introduced and they promise effects after a shorter amount of time. The problem is that they have gotten quite expensive that it might also be worth considering laser teeth whitening instead.

Laser teeth whitening these days usually cost anywhere from $600 to $2000 depending on your treatment case. Some people feel better about paying one lump sum for a laser procedure that they can quickly appreciate the effects of.

Safety Concerns of Laser Teeth Whitening

One other thing that may be keeping you from getting a laser whitening procedure for your teeth is your concern for safety. Since the procedure will be done by a dentist and the products that will be used will pass dentist approval first, laser whitening procedures are perfectly safe. In fact, they are safer than the strips and gels provided by home kits since you never know what are placed in these products. With laser teeth whitening, you do not just pay for the whiter teeth, you also pay for the reliable dental care professional you can turn to.