Insurance For Braces – How to Get Dental Coverage for Orthodontics


insurance for bracesInsurance for braces can help you solve a lot of different teeth problems with the use of braces but without making your wallet or bank account bear the whole brunt. However, getting insurance coverage for orthodontics is a tad more challenging than getting coverage for other less extensive procedures. Orthodontics is an important specialization, and a rather expensive one too.

The main problem is that not all insurance plans cover braces. Many people rely on the free coverage offered by their employers. Chances that these insurance plans cover braces are very small. If so, the best you can get is probably a 10% coverage out of the total cost of your braces; a measly coverage amount considering how expensive braces are.

To better cover the need for braces, you need other insurance options.

How to Get Your Braces Covered

1.   Personal Dental Insurance

2.   Supplemental Braces Insurance

3.   Orthodontics Discount Plan

1. Personal Dental Insurance

The first option is to get a dental insurance for yourself that is not part of a group or employer plan. This allows you to choose which procedures you want covered. The coverage will be up to you since you are the one applying for the plan and you are also the one to pay for the plan. The more you can afford, the higher the coverage you can avail of.

If you want a dental insurance plan that covers braces, you’re going to have to take matters into your own hands and get your own plan.

2. Supplemental Braces Insurance

But if you already have an existing dental insurance, but you didn’t include braces in the coverage, you can also apply for a separate insurance that will cover your braces. This falls under the classification of supplemental or secondary insurance, which is additional insurance on top of another plan.

Supplemental braces insurance is a supplemental plan that covers only orthodontics. These plans are also sometimes called as orthodontic insurance. You can avail of these specialized coverage plans by paying set monthly or yearly fees. The coverage will usually shoulder a portion of your orthodontics costs until a pre-specified ceiling amount is reached.

Take note, however, that if you get a supplemental orthodontic insurance, you will pay for the said plan on top of your existing plan, which means you have to take care of two separate bills monthly or yearly.

3. Orthodontics Discount Plan

You also have the option to get a discount plan specifically to cover orthodontics. Discount dental plans are currently the hottest dental coverage products in the market because of their straightforward delivery of benefits. If you already have an existing dental insurance plan, you can get a discount plan specifically for braces. If you don’t have an existing insurance coverage for dental care, you can look for discount dental plans that have coverage for braces.

One specific type of discount plan that specifically covers only braces is the OrthoCare Orthodontic Discount Program. This specific discount program has a very streamlined application system that allows you to get the plan activated the next day after you make your payment. Payments are made in the form of annual membership fees. Individual plans cost $84.95 per year while family plans cost $109.95 per year.

The only treatments this plan covers are orthodontic treatments, include partial and full braces for children and adults as well as periodic treatment evaluation. Coverage is 20% of the total cost.

The Other Benefits of Getting Insurance for Braces

Aside from the benefits of braces on the teeth, the appearance, and your dental health, braces can also have plenty of other unexpected benefits. In some ways, society can be very fickle and place a lot of attention on appearances. This, coupled with dental problems, can really bring down a person’s self confidence.

Getting braces can help you become happier about your teeth, and this will then make you more confident. You will feel more free to flash your smile each time you meet and greet others. These added benefits definitely make insurance for braces the perfect solution so you can finally take charge of the state of your teeth.