Insurance Covers Dental Surgery: Solve Your Dental Problems with Affordable Surgery


tricare dental insuranceInsurance covers dental surgery to make sure you can get the extensive dental care you need even with a small budget. Dental surgery is one of the most crucial types of dental procedure you might find a need for. It is often a solution to a particular dental problem or simply part of another procedure.

There are many different types of dental insurance plans around. Almost all branches of dentistry may involve dental surgery. For example, there’s endodontic surgery for root canal procedures, prosthodontics surgery for the placement of prosthetics or dental implants, and orthodontic surgery such as apiectomy or fiberotomy.

What all these surgeries have in common is that they are pretty expensive. Some dental insurance covers dental surgery to help you avail of treatment for your dental problems at reduced costs. If you need dental surgery, your first step should be to look for a dental plan that covers surgical procedures.

Dental Insurance Covers Dental Surgery: Your Options

  • Affordable Family Health Services
  • Solstice Plus Plan One
  • Avia dental plan

1. Affordable Family Health Services


If you need financial support for a dental surgery, you can receive it from dental insurance plans. One of your available options is Affordable Family Health Services, which offers 25% discounts on your oral surgery costs. This is part of its coverage of 25% for all specialty services including endodontics, orthodontics, pedodontics, periodontics, and prosthodontics. Even cosmetic procedures are covered up to a certain percentage.

As for the general procedures, on the other hand, Affordable Family Health Services offers routine checkups every 6 months for only $10, in-depth checkups for only $25, and teeth cleaning ranged between $28 and $38. The basic procedures are sometimes covered up to 60%.

On top of all these discounts, you can also get reductions in vision care, prescription drugs, and chiropractic care. You can avail of these benefits by becoming a member of the Affordable Family Health Services network. Membership will cost you only $124.95 for individuals and $169.95 for families. Affordable Family Health Services has been in the business since 1991 and has been the ideal solution to the needs of families on a budget.

2. Solstice Plus Plan One


Solstice Plus Plan One, like the previous option, also offers 25% off on specialty dental procedures, and this includes oral surgery. Solstice Plus, however, has certain advantages over other plans. It just so happens to be the only plan that offers routine checkups, in-depth checkups, full mouth x-rays, and teeth cleanings completely for free. Even though other plans do offer huge discounts reaching up to 70% for these basic and routine procedures, they can’t topple Solstice Plus’ offer. The plan also offers the lowest cost for perio scaling and root planing, which you can avail of for only $80. Most procedures are available at much lower rates if you are a member of the Solstice Plus plan.

To become a member, just send in an application and pay the yearly membership fee of $134.95 for individuals and $179.95 for families.

3. Avia dental plan


Avia is another company that believes insurance covers dental surgery for a very important reason, and that is to help more people get dental care at a price they can afford. For dental surgeries as well as for other specialty dental procedures including orthodontics, Avia dental plan offers maximum discounts of 25%.

Avia also offers discounts ranging between 20% and 70%, with the highest discounts going to routine dental procedures, so that you can avail of routine checkups for only $12 and cleanings for only $27. The plan even adds a vision and prescription plan so you are encouraged to take care of your overall health as well.

Membership costs only $124.95 per individual per year and $169.95 per family per year.

Insurance Covers Dental Surgery Procedures: Common Types of Dental Surgeries


There are many kinds of dental surgeries. The most common kinds are tooth extraction, wisdom tooth extraction, and oral and maxillofacial surgery. Wisdom tooth extraction is a normal type of extraction often necessary when the growth of a wisdom tooth causes problems that affect other teeth or cause extreme pain or discomfort. Extractions, on the other hand, can generally refer to all types of extractions wherein teeth are simply pulled out due to various reasons. Since these are pretty common procedures, it is easier to find dental insurance that covers dental surgery procedures such as these.