Private Dental Insurance – Private Dental Plan in Your Own Terms


Private dental insurance provides you with dental plan that you can have in your own terms. Are you getting confused with all the terms involved in dental insurance? Well, personal dental plans are the same as individual dental insurance or personal dental insurance. Both terms refer to an insurance plan that you personally avail of as opposed to insurance plan that is offered to you by an employer or an organization that you are a member of. Getting a private dental plan is important if you do not have access to affordable dental care yet. This type of plan can lower the amount you spend on dental care.

Take note, however, that private dental insurance is an insurance transaction between you and a dental insurance provider. So you have to be very careful in applying for one since you will make all the decisions by yourself. Before making any decisions, make sure you understand how the plan works and what benefits you will get from it.

What you’ll really get from private dental insurance

  • Your very own access to dental care
  • Full control over coverage
  • Coverage for special needs

1. Your very own access to dental care

The main benefit of private dental insurance is that it is far more reassuring, given that the plan will be in your own terms. This means it is your very own access to dental care. You have every right to it, and you won’t lose it until you give it up, unlike in dental insurance offered by employers, which usually stops once you are no longer employed in the company. Private dental plans, however, are completely yours and you decide when you want it and when you no longer need it.

This means you will always have dental care coverage to rely on when you need a dental treatment.

2. Full control over coverage

And since it’s all yours, you also have full control over the terms and inclusions of the dental insurance plan. You get to decide exactly how much coverage you want. You can opt for a wider coverage if you can still afford it. You won’t be forced to pay anything you can’t afford, not will you be forced to settle for a coverage that’s less than what you need.

You can also customize the dental plan according to your needs. You can decide on your own whether you want a basic coverage or a coverage that includes dentures or dental surgery. And to add to the flexible options you can enjoy from a private dental insurance plan, you also get to choose your own dental care provider, which is an important aspect for a lot of people.

3. Coverage for special needs

Aside from all those benefits, a private dental insurance plan also provides you with coverage for all your special dental needs. Some people have recurring problems with their teeth or need continuous treatment such as braces. Some also need cosmetic dental procedures. Group dental plans usually do not offer coverage for specialist procedures and they also seldom include cosmetic care in the coverage. Group plans are more concerned with making sure more people get preventive and regular care. They are not much concerned with whether your teeth look perfect as long as the entire group has clean and healthy teeth. So it is only with private dental insurance that you can customize the plan to your own special needs.

Private Dental Insurance: Some Drawbacks to Consider

However, private dental insurance does come with some drawbacks. For example, with private dental plans, you have to do all the work if you want to buy it. You have to search for quotes, compare offers and rates, examine coverage options, and so on. You have to make a lot of decisions, and this can be a very confusing process. Other than that, you might have to deal with plenty of paperwork as well. All these are usually taken care of by a group moderator if you opt for a group plan. But this is a very small drawback considering the major benefits of private dental insurance.