HMP Dental Insurance – The More Affordable Option for Your Dental Care Needs


hmp dental insuranceHMP dental insurance or health maintenance plans are dental plans offered by health maintenance organizations. These are organizations that focus on providing assured access to dental care without special preferences on the choices of dentists and other factors. Another term used to refer to these dental insurance products is capitation dental insurance.

HMP dental insurance is different from the more commonly known PPO dental plan. There are many differences between the two, and these differences are also the factors that make HMP dental plans unique.

The offered benefits of such a plan are very specific. If your ideal type of plan is a dental plan that focuses on simply providing you focused and consistent dental care, then an HMP dental plan is the more affordable option.

What Makes HMP Dental Insurance Unique

  • Eligibility and benefits of an HMP dental plan
  • Dental care providers from HMP networks
  • Dental procedures covered
  • Your dental expenses under control

1. Eligibility and benefits of an HMP dental plan

Anyone looking for affordable access to a dental care that they can trust for a long time can avail of an HMP dental insurance plan. To do so, one has to pay the required fee to be a part of the HMP network. Once a part of the network, you can receive care from dentists who are also part of the network. It’s that simple. All you have to do is choose a particular dentist from within the network. That dentist will be held responsible for your primary dental care. In case you are in need of specialty care, your primary care dentist will provide the necessary referrals.

The benefits are automatically received every time you visit a dentist within the network. Each time, you will only be asked to pay a particular amount, which is already discounted based on the arrangement between the HMO and the dentist.

2. Dental care providers from HMP networks

One of the strongest distinctions of HMP plans is that they do not allow flexibility in your choice of a dentist. You can choose your own dentist but only within the HMP network you belong to. These dentists are under agreement to offer discounted rates to all members of the HMP network. The organization offering the insurance will then pay these dentists a fixed fee every month.

3. Dental procedures covered

Most HMP dental insurance plans provide good coverage, which is another incentive for consumers to join HMP programs. These plans offer 100% coverage for dental cleanings, exams, and x-rays. All other procedures are covered at varying percentages. Some HMP plans offer focused benefits to cater to the needs of those with special dental problems.

4. Your dental expenses under control

One of the best benefits of availing of an HMP dental insurance is that it can help put your dental expenses under control. Regardless of what kind of dental emergency you have, all you have to do is pay the monthly membership fee and you will get the dental attention you require. This means there are no surprise expenses.

Aside from putting them under control, you will also save a lot because you can keep dental fees at a minimum. HMP dental plans are more affordable than the more common PPOs.

Pros and Cons of HMP Dental Insurance

There is a downside to this kind of arrangement, though. Dentists are paid a fixed amount every month regardless of what services or how much services they provide to the HMP members. In some cases, dentists tend not to provide maximum care or do not recommend the best solution for the dental problems of the patients because they get paid the same amount regardless. On a positive note, however, dentists in HMP networks will not turn patients away because they are under contract to provide dental care to any member of the program, so you can be sure to receive dental care.

To avoid the downsides of HMP plans, make sure to choose your HMP dental insurance carefully.