Free Dental Clinics – Getting Free Dental Care


free dental clinicsFree dental clinics offer basic dental care at absolutely no cost. These clinics aim to make dental care accessible to everyone as a way of helping overall healthcare to improve. These dental clinics answer the dental needs of people who can’t afford to pay for dental care on their own.

There are many ways you can gain access to free dental care from free dental clinics. Don’t leave your teeth neglected due to the high costs of dental care. Your teeth deserve care no matter what, and there are a lot of sources of help that you can rely on.

Finding Your Way to Free Dental Care from Free Dental Clinics

  • Non-profit organizations free dental care programs
  • State-funded health centers
  • Dental schools
  • Dental plans

1. Non–profit organizations free dental care programs

A lot of people do not go out of their way to seek dental care, and this situation is mostly aggravated by the fact that dental care is way too expensive for majority of citizens. To help remedy the situation, several non-profit organizations hold programs that aim to offer free dental care or to give people access to free dental clinics.

If you need dental care and can’t afford it, keep your eyes and ears open for any free dental programs offered by non-profit or health-focused organizations.

2. State-funded health centers

If you really need dental care and there are no free dental care programs available around, you can check out the offers from the state. States offer assistance programs to ensure the overall health of their residents. To check out the offer of your state, go to your state’s website. Most states also have health or dental departments which can assist you in finding free dental care funded by the state.

Dentists who work in state-funded health centers don’t charge a lot because the government calls the shots and the dentists do not maintain their own clinic and employees.

3. Dental schools

Dental schools can provide you with access to free dental clinics. Dental schools are willing to offer free dental care to those interested. These patients will be cared for by dentists in training or dental students. A licensed dentist will oversee all procedures to make sure treatments are done properly. This is a surefire way of getting free dental care, regardless of how extensive your required procedure may be.

4. Employer-based dental care

Dental care sponsored by your employer is not exactly free; your employer pays for it, and you pay your employer in the form of your service. Nonetheless, you will not be asked to pay any amount for dental care covered by your employer-paid dental insurance, so it is still “free” for you.

If you are employed, ask your employer about the dental insurance you are entitled to and enjoy free dental care.

5. Dental plans

Check out dental plans that give you access to free dental clinics. Dental plans usually offer various freebies though these are often limited to preventive and diagnostic dental care.

Dental Plans that Offer Care from Free Dental Clinics

There are many dental plans that can provide you with free dental procedures. If you want to receive care from free dental clinics, look for these dental plans.

Check out the Solstice Plus Plan One, a discount dental plan that offers free preventive dental procedures including dental exams and cleanings. Two exams and two cleanings are available per year, with a six-month interval between the procedures.

Another option available is the Patriot Plan. This plan offers one free oral examination every year.

By availing of these dental plans, you can get dental care for free.