Free Dental Care Just Within Your Reach


free dental care

Free dental care still giving you quite a chase? There are several shortcuts that lead to free care for your teeth. If you just know which path to take, you’ll certainly enjoy healthy teeth without having an unhealthy bank account.

Exerting a little effort to find free care for your teeth is better than not paying attention to the problems suffered by your teeth. When teeth are not properly cared for, they can be the victims of several possible dental problems, which, when left neglected, can escalate into major health problems.

So going a little bit out of your way to find free dental care is definitely a huge leap towards the right direction when it comes to your health.

Where to Get Free Dental Care

  • Inquire at dental schools
  • Look for clinical trials
  • Check out local state offers
  • Avail of Medicare and Medicaid benefits

1. Inquire at dental schools

One of the most guaranteed ways to obtain free dental care is to get them from dental schools. So it pays to make inquiries at dental schools regarding the dental procedures they offer for free to volunteer patients.

If you choose this path, you should be aware that you will be receiving dental care for free from dental students who are currently training. This is not a cause for worry, though, since the students will be supervised closely by licensed dental professionals. If you go to top dental schools, you can even receive high-quality dental care.

If you mainly require preventive care, you can get them for free from dental hygiene schools or training centers. These are the institutions that train dental hygienists. The offer is the same as that offered in dental schools.

2. Look for clinical trials

Aside from volunteering at dental schools, you can also agree to join clinical trials. This is especially ideal for patients who need specialty care or specific dental problems. In fact, if you have oral or craniofacial conditions, the only way to receive free dental treatment is by joining clinical trials.

3. Check out local state offers

If you require basic dental care, your source for free care is your own state. State governments often provide health care assistance to residents of the state through local dental agencies or healthcare agencies. These dental procedures are done in state or government-funded health centers scattered all over the country. Some provide free care to certain patients, provided they are found eligible.

4. Avail of Medicare and Medicaid benefits

You can also check out the special programs offered by the government such as Medicare and Medicaid programs. Medicare is a program geared towards people over 65 years of age. Only certain patients with specific dental problems are included in the Medicare dental offers. Routine dental care and dentures are not covered by Medicare.

Medicaid, on the other hand, is offered to individuals and families based on certain eligibility requirements and limited to certain services only. Usually, individuals under 21 are entitled to free emergency dental care. However, these requirements and limitations are set by individual states, so coverage and eligibility differ for each state.

What are the Free Dental Benefits of Dental Plans?

You have yet another option for free dental care. If you want to get free care for your teeth, you can also consider buying membership into dental plans. Dental plans require membership fees or premiums, but aside from the coverage you pay for, you also get free benefits such as free oral exams and free cleanings every year.

This is a great way to ensure your dental care because the free preventive services help encourage you to take better and more regular care of your teeth.