Dental Implants Average Cost – Cheap Implantation Options, Crowns, Complications, Procedure


dental implants average costThe dental implants average costs from different dental care providers are rarely the same. Dentists charge differently for dental implant crowns, and each case is also affected by various factors that can also send costs up or down. So if a dentist tells you that the average cost you will be charged for implants can go from $1500 to $3000, expect the price to be a little higher. In fact, if you need additional procedures and special considerations, costs can escalate easily to $13,000.

The price of dental implants can be affected by various factors and decisions you make along the way. Before you go on with your implants, you and your dentist will meet for a planning session. This will walk you through any dental implants complications and if they offer cheap dental implants you want full information on the prodecure. At this point, you will be asked to make certain decisions on the specifics of the procedure. In order to get the lowest possible dental implants average cost, you should make the right choices when it comes to the decisions you will be faced prior to the dental implantation procedure itself.

Make the Right Choices to Reduce Dental Implants Average Cost and Get Cheap Dental Implantation

  • Different types of implants
  • Different types of prosthesis
  • Different types of bone grafting material

1. Different types of implants

There are three different types of dental implants. There are root form implants, subperiosteal implants, and plate form implants. Each of these is designed for specific cases. For example, the most common type is the root form implant, which is designed for the typical jaw structure. The plate form implant, on the other hand, is designed for those with narrow jawbones. Lastly, the subperiosteal implant is designed for those with bone height deficiency. The type of implant found to be most appropriate for your case will affect the cost you will pay.

2. Different types of prosthesis / Dental implants Crowns

Each dental implant procedure involves two materials, the titanium post and the prosthetic tooth that will be placed on top of the post. The prosthetic tooth will be especially shaped to fit the space left by the lost tooth and are colored to match the color of the other teeth. Due to the meticulousness of the creation of each prosthetic tooth, this can increase the cost of your implants. Your prosthodontist will oversee all factors associated with the prosthetics. You, as a patient, can also be involved in the decisions.

3. Different types of bone grafting material

Several cases of dental implants require bone grafting procedures. A bone graft requires a separate surgical procedure. This is usually done when there is not enough bone to put the implant in. In a bone graft procedure, a piece of bone is taken from another part of the patient’s body and implanted into the jaw.

In a bone grafting procedure, the kind of bone grafting done, the material, and the extent of the procedure will all affect the overall dental implant average cost.

Open to Other Options? Dental Implants Average Cost

If you think you can’t handle the dental implants average cost, then you can check out other tooth replacement options. If you’re open to other options, you can consider mini dental implants. These are cheaper than the typical implants.

Mini dental implants work just like the regular implants though they are smaller. The difference in size can be equivalent to a difference in price of around 30%. The mini implants are cheaper because they cost less to produce and are easier to insert. Thus, not only are the materials for the implant cheaper, but dentists also charge lower dentist fees because the procedure is easier. There are also mini dental implant options offered abroad that can significantly lower costs. The popular destinations for mini dental implant patients include Costa Rica, El Salvador, India, and Mexico.