Dental Implants Cost – Low Cost Dental Implants You Can Afford


Dental implants cost go typically from $2000 to $4500 for the dental implants and the procedure, but this can be elevated by dentist location, your choice of dentist, and additional procedures such as bone grafts, sinus adjustments, extractions, and so on. Due to these additional costs, the overall fee you may have to pay to get implants for your lost tooth or teeth can reach up to more than $10000.

Don’t be surprised, though. Dental implants can be expected to be expensive since it replaces tooth and is a more permanent treatment. It can last for as long as the dental implants hold or do not get broken. If you go to a good dentist, then you have less to worry about. Even if costs reach $10000, you can consider that a long term investment and you wouldn’t have to worry about that particular tooth anymore.

However, people usually have difficulty affording dental implants even if they are in dire need of one. If you happen to be one of these people, you can really do with some advice on how to reduce dental implants cost. One way of getting help on the costs of dental implants is by getting a dental plan with great discounts on dental implants.

Get Help with Dental Implants Cost  – Low Cost Dental Impants

  • Discounted dental implants for TRICARE members
  • Get cosmetic coverage from Aetna for more affordable low cost dental implants
  • Special discounts on implants from MetLife

1. Discounted dental implants for TRICARE members

A lot of people over the age of 50 find it the hardest to afford dental implants when they need it. Unfortunately, a large number of these people do need it. Teeth get damaged or weaker with age, so it is only natural that more over-50 people are dealing with tooth loss. And to solve the problem, they can go get dental implants. The cost, however, does not always permit them to do so.

Thankfully, they have TRICARE dental programs to turn to. TRICARE is an association that aims to provide assistance and other benefits to its members, who are aged over 50. Part of the benefits package they provide to members is a dental program that negotiates dental prices in behalf of the retirees. Discounts for most dental procedures, including dental implants, are included in the package.

2. Get cosmetic coverage from Aetna

Some dentists and dental plans agree to cover dental implants depending on the cost of tooth loss. If the cause is an emergency or an injury, then such cases can be considered. However, some people may want to get dental implants out of aesthetic purposes. For such cases, your choice of dental plans that offer reduced dental implants cost can be rather restricted since some plans focus more on basic dental needs and do not offer discounts on cosmetic procedures.

Fortunately, there are dental plans that make it their concern to solve every possible dental problem or need around, and one of these is Aetna. Aetna offers dental plans that provide discounts on most procedures including those that are cosmetic. For just $104.95 per year, you can become an Aetna member and enjoy all these benefits.

3. Special discounts for low cost dental implants from MetLife

If some companies offer discounts on all cosmetic dental procedures, some dental plans may not give as many benefits but make an exception in the case of dental implants. This is true about the offers from MetLife. MetLife’s dental PPO and HMO plans allow members to get discounts on most basic, minor, and major restorative services including dental implants although it does not cover other cosmetic procedures. If you really need implants and you’re not yet qualified to avail of a TRICARE discount, then you have MetLife to turn to.

You even get the additional advantages MetLife offers: increased selection of dentists, highly credentialed providers, and an insurance company you can count on.

Why High Dental Implants Cost are Worth It?

Dental implants cost can be rather expensive, but it is still a highly sought after and highly recommended dental procedure. The cost of dental implants does reduce the number of patients who actually benefit from it, but it does not diminish the demand. Dental implants are expensive because they are high-quality solutions for lost teeth. Implant surgeries are permanent, and the implanted tooth is comfortable as it does not move around or cause difficulties in speech. It also helps retain the facial structure of the person regardless of the condition of the tooth. All in all, though dental implants cost is expensive and it is difficult to find low cost dental implants, they do come with a lot of advantages.