Dental Grants – How to Obtain Dental Care Benefits through Grants


dental grantsDental grants generally work like dental insurance in that they offer to shoulder the expenses of dental care if you apply and qualify for them. This is another one of the increasing number of options available to people who are looking for more affordable ways to receive dental care, given that dental care is becoming more and more expensive by the minute. The rising prices of dental care is a problem for the regular consumer who needs regular cleanings and maintenance care and for the consumer who face one dental problem or another.

Dental insurance plans and grants are similar in many ways. Grants also cover different treatments based on what specific policy an individual has. Grants can cover costs of fillings, root canals, braces, and so on, depending on the choice of the individual or what has been awarded by the provider of the grant. There are many types of grants available, so if you want to check out this cost-friendly insurance alternative, take time to choose a good grant carefully.

Dental Grants Explained

  • Three Main Types of Grants
  • Sources of Grants for Dental Care
  • Choosing Your Grant Provider

1. Three Main Types of Grants

Dental grants come in three main types or levels, depending on which bracket of dental procedures they cover. Level 1 is a grant that covers only the regular maintenance and preventive procedures such as cleanings, x-rays, and so on. Level 2 grants cover minor dental procedures, which include fillings, root canals, and so on.

Level 3 grants cover the more expensive and more extensive dental treatments. Most level 3 grants are pretty limited and requires the recipient to stick to specific terms and conditions. Usually, level 3 grants don’t cover the entire cost of treatments, but only a portion.

Aside from these three types, you may also get specialist grants that focus on specialized procedures. There are specific grants that cover only cosmetic dentistry or orthodontics. These are great for those who just want coverage because they’re getting braces or they want to get some cosmetic procedures like a veneer perhaps, or a laser whitening procedure.

2. Sources of Grants for Dental Care

There are many sources of grants for dental care. You can choose to look for one and invest in it on your own. However, there are several free sources of dental grants; you can try and see if you qualify for them. First, your employer may offer a grant for medical and dental care as an incentives for employees.

Second, the government also offers several types of free grants to help citizens uphold better dental health. The grants that are supported by the government, however, are often targeted only towards poor families with low income and not enough to spare for dental health care. They are offered either in individual or family grants.

Third, various community health groups also sometimes offer grants to citizens who qualify for them. Qualification standards differ according to the community group and the type of grant you are considering. There are several of these projects operating in the local, state, or federal levels, so do ask around before paying for a private grant.

Fourth, several private foundations and funding organizations engaged in either charity work or medical missions also offer various dental health grants. You still have to meet qualification requirements though.

3. Choosing Your Grant Provider

If you choose to avail of a grant from a private provider, there are several things you should think about. You have to make sure that you work with a licensed provider; otherwise, you might not get any benefits at all and you might give away pertinent personal information to a company that cannot be trusted.

Dental Health Grants for Children

Do you want to give your kids a good start on dental health care? Why don’t you look for dental health grants specifically designed for children? For example, one kind of grant offered is a grant from the Samuel Harris Fund for Children’s Dental Health, based in Chicago. This dentistry grant aims to help children from low income families to receive professional dental care and proper education about proper caring for the teeth. A similar program is found in Oregon, thanks to the Dental Foundation of Oregon Children’s Oral Health Grants.

Good dental care should begin at a young age, and a lot of organizations are willing to offer dental grants to ensure that the future of dental care is looking bright and promising.