Dental Cosmetics – When It’s Time to Transform Your Smile


dental implants average costDental cosmetics is a highly robust dental specialization especially in this time and age where getting cosmetic work done has become almost a commonplace thing. More and more people are becoming open to cosmetic dentistry. It is, in fact, a branch of cosmetic surgery that is not considered to be overly invasive and purely cosmetic since great-looking enhanced teeth also have their health-related advantages.

There are now a lot of dental procedures that are categorized under cosmetic dentistry as well as some procedures that are considered as cosmetic when done for reasons that have to do with aesthetics. For example, a dental implant is not necessarily a cosmetic procedure. Sometimes, it is done in cases of tooth loss caused by an accident or injury. But if the procedure is done just to replace a tooth that does not look good or does not have the right shape or color, then this is already considered a cosmetic procedure.

There are, however, some procedures that are purely cosmetic in nature. Here are some instances when you could use dental cosmetics.

When do you need dental cosmetics?

  • When you have discolored teeth
  • When you have chapped or broken teeth
  • When you want to improve the appearance of unsightly teeth

1. When you have discolored teeth

One of the simplest procedures in dental cosmetics is teeth whitening treatments. These procedures are done in order to bring teeth back to their natural color. Our teeth has a natural white coating. In time, however, this may get worn out, and when it does, the color of the teeth changes into something a bit yellowish. This could look pretty unpleasant, especially if teeth already looks a bit too discolored. In such cases, people already tend to look for a solution. There are plenty of teeth whitening products around, but nothing is as effective as the teeth whitening procedures that dentists can offer and do in their clinics. This, however, is already considered as a cosmetic dental procedure.

2. When you have chapped or broken teeth

Another time when you can really use dental cosmetics is when you get chapped or broken teeth for some reason. The simplest cosmetic solution to chapped teeth or broken teeth is a tooth bonding procedure, also known as dental bonding. This is when the dentist bonds a certain material to the surface of a tooth to cover up any damages done to the surface of the teeth. This is simpler and less invasive, though it is really considered as a cosmetic procedure. The procedure, however, is not permanent, as the bonding material sometimes gets stained.

3. When you want to improve the appearance of unsightly teeth

If you are just unfortunate to have teeth that does not look pleasing or conducive to your facial appearance, then dental cosmetics is definitely in order. You actually have plenty of options. First, there’s veneers. Dental veneers are thin shells made usually of porcelain that are also bonded to the surface of the tooth to cover unsightly teeth. These are very expensive but they usually last for many, many years. This is an extremely popular dental procedure.

You can also consider dental crowns, which require a more invasive procedure as the tooth is first chipped away to make it smaller so that the dental crown can be placed over it. This means you can’t change your mind about the crowns once it’s already placed in. This, however, makes your teeth look so much better. The end effect is just like the effect of veneers, but dental crowns are ideal for when you want to cover up several problematic teeth, not just one.

Where to Get Help Financing Dental Cosmetics

Dental cosmetics, due to its purely aesthetic focus, tend to be very expensive. What’s worse is that there aren’t that many dental plans that offer coverage for cosmetic dentistry. However, there are a number of dental insurance plans that provide such coverage, though the best you will probably come across with is just a 25% discount. This, however, will already go a long way especially if you really want the procedure to help you solve your teeth problem. Dental cosmetics, though expensive, usually turn out rather satisfactory because they also help boost the confidence of the patient.