Delta Dental Plan – Top Benefits, Providers and Quotes for Individuals Seeking Insurance


delta dental planDelta Dental Plan does not only benefit dental patients. The Delta Dental Insurance providers makes a significant contribution to the dental field by benefiting all players in the field. Aside from the 54 million people who are receiving dental benefits from Delta Dental, a large number of dentists, employers and organizations, administrators, and delta insurance brokers also gain a lot of benefits from the company.

Delta’s offers also stretch nationwide, so it’s safe to say that the company plays a key role in promoting better dental care in the country. They have the Delta dental insurance for individuals, offering a piece of their excellent Delta dental quotes. This is perhaps part of the reason why the company won a 97% rating in a Long Group survey in 2008. If you are a consumer looking for a dental plan, or a dentist looking for the best insurance group to partner with, then you need all the information you can get about the many benefits and the overall work that Delta Dental Plan does in the business.

Furthermore, the company is expecting to have more than 98% of its customers renew their memberships. This now sees an increase from the 97% retained customers of last year. And aside from retaining old members, the company even brings in large numbers of new businesses, significantly expanding its client base. All in all, the company boasts of around 24 million enrolees.

Delta Dental  Benefits for One and All

  • Individual Delta Dental and groups
  • Offers and Delta Quotes for employers
  • Benefits for dentists
  • Assistance for brokers and consultants

1. Delta Dental Insurance Offers for individuals and groups

Delta Dental offers various dental plans to meet the different needs of different consumers. Delta markets its dental plans to both the individual market and the group market of consumers. If you are searching for a plan for yourself or for your entire family, check out the many offers from Delta Dental.

Individuals can choose from Delta PPO and Delta HMO plans. Delta also offers special fee for service plans. The company has a special offer, known as the D&P Maximum Waiver option. This option allows you to waive the maximum limits set on the dental coverage you availed of.

Groups, on the other hand, can choose from buy-up plans and high/low plans, which are two unique offers in the industry.

2. Offers for employers

Employers can also enjoy the same flexible offers from Delta Dental Plan. The company has special plans designed specifically for large businesses, mid-sized businesses, and small businesses. Even schools can avail of the dental plans for their employees so that even teachers can get the dental care that they need. Different contribution plans are also offered to make sure that companies are comfortable with the benefits package and employees get the best possible dental care as well.

3. Benefits for dentists

Dentists can also partake of the many benefits offered by Delta Dental. The Delta Dental Plan is very popular among dental patients, so dentists who honor discounts from Delta Dental memberships also enjoy a lot of publicity and will get instant promotion among the Delta Dental members.

Delta deals with its partner dentists in a very professional manner. Dentists can enjoy faster claims processes and access to various seminars and events. The company even provides assistance so that dentists can run their practices efficiently, even providing resources for paperless dental practice operations and electronic transactions.

4. Assistance for brokers and consultants

Are you a broker or consultant who seeks dental plans to offer to your clients? Offer them the best with a Delta Dental Plan. This is one of the leading dental plans around. By offering your clients the best, they stay happy and they stay with you. Boost your client network by partnering with one of the best in the business.

Why You Can Trust Delta Dental Plan Despite the Crisis

The financial crisis had insurance companies scrambling. Only the most stable have managed to come out on top despite the crisis. One of these is Delta Dental. If you are uncertain and you are weighing your risks, you have nothing to worry about with this company. It currently has an AM Best rating of B++, which is equivalent to Good. Its current aggregated reserves are now at nearly $390 million, and majority of these are in AAA rated fixed bonds – investments that go nowhere near the problematic investments such as sub-prime mortgages. The company is also not highly leveraged and is under no long-term debt contracts, so the more stable it is.

Delta Dental is also actively pursuing further advancement. It has various long-term goals such as a more streamlined administration and improved services for all its customers. Best of all, Delta Dental hopes to make dental care more accessible by reducing its costs so more customers will be able to invest in a Delta Dental Plan. The stability of the company makes it possible for them to achieve such goals, so we’re all looking at a bright future together with Delta.

This is definitely as stable as an insurance provider can get, making Delta Dental Insurance Plan and its benefits one of the most trustworthy plans around.