Cigna Dental Insurance – Cigna Cinches Best Dental Insurance Award


cigna dental providersCigna dental insurance is a well-known provided of dental insurance plans. It is the dental arm of Cigna health care, which is a rather influential name in the health and dental insurance market. As for the dental insurance plan, the main plan offered by Cigna is a DHMO dental plan. Cigna chose to provide HMO packages instead of PPO packages because its lower cost will allow it to reach out to more consumers, even those with budget constraints to work with. Cigna can definitely help you achieve your desired dental coverage without sending you to bankruptcy. This is perhaps why Cigna is always recognized for bearing an imaginary Best Dental Insurance award: the award is just too good to be true.

Exploring Every Side of Cigna Dental Insurance

  • How much will Cigna help you save?
  • Which dental procedures will it take care of?
  • What’s it got over the competition?

1. How much will Cigna help you save?

The savings you can get from a Cigna dental plan can reach up to 83% of the cost of basic dental treatments and 62% of the cost of major dental treatments that you availed of. You may also get 25% discounts for specialty care. Other discount plans do not offer both coverage options in the same package, but Cigna aims to provide you with overall health and wellness that you need.

Cigna is known as a major healthcare services company, so its dental plan also comes with a health care plan, which can give you up to 60% discounts on some health services including acupuncture and weight management.

As long as you go to care providers who participate in Cigna dental insurance plans, you can get all these benefits.

2. Which dental procedures will it take care of?

The discounts all sound good enough, but are you gonna get the discounts on the dental procedures that you need? That is often the determining question for most dental plans. Well, you don’t have to wonder about Cigna dental insurance. Cigna provides coverage for preventive dental procedures, diagnostic procedures, and other specialty care such as orthodontics coverage. The coverage you get will depend on the type of plan that you choose.

There are some specifically covered procedures that you automatically get with the package. For example, every Cigna dental plan comes with some freebies. You can get two teeth cleanings completely free of charge. You are entitled to it twice a year, every six months. This can be accompanied by dental exams, which are also free. If you need to have some dental problem diagnosed, you also don’t have to pay for the x-ray. And dental plans for families also throw in two free fluoride treatments for the children who’s part of the plan.

3. What’s it got over the competition?

Cigna plans have a very streamlined way of offering benefits; Cigna has been around for quite some time, so its service offerings are pretty much already strongly established. Another thing that sets Cigna apart is that it offers additional benefits other than just dental care, and in this world and age of stiff competition, throwing in a few extras like that is necessary to rise above the clutter.

There are also a lot of little details that make Cigna dental insurance stand out. For one thing, Cigna says no to deductibles and completely scraps this from the list. The same thing happened to the annual maximum limit on the benefits you can enjoy. And yet again, Cigna did the same thing when it eliminated the waiting period between your application approval and your first discounted treatment. With Cigna, you can get discounted treatment immediately after your application is approved.

What Makes Cigna Dental Insurance An HMO Plan?

You must be wondering why Cigna is categorized as an HMO plan. The plan works just like an HMO because you can’t avail of the offered discounts if you do not go to a dentist that Cigna has an agreement with. And like any HMO plan, the Cigna dental plan requires all members to choose a general dentist as their primary care provider. Any special needs they may have has to be coursed through that dentist for referrals. Cigna dental insurance is one of the most effective and most recognized HMO dental plans in the business.