Careington Dental Plan – From A Company That Cares


dental insurance appeal lawsCareington dental plan options offer more than just the usual and expected dental coverage, and that’s what sets them apart from the competition in the dental insurance field. Careington provide affordable care and reliable service, giving them a very sincere image that a lot of consumers feel more comfortable to trust. Careington has very humble beginnings, but only its sincerity and commitment to the dental field helped make it the successful name that it is today. Until now, the company is known for its very friendly and sincere service and is deemed as the ultimate go-to plan for consumers.

Careington’s best foot forward, as of today, is the Careington Care 500 series, a very helpful and precise dental plan that really provides straightforward discounts and benefits. Since it is important to know a lot about a dental plan before making a choice, here’s some key info about the main dental plan offer from Careington.

Key Facts about Careington Dental Plan

  • Coverage
  • Costs
  • Added benefits

1. Discounts

The Careington dental plan works like the newer discount dental plans making their rounds in the market. It is not considered as an insurance plan. It is a discount membership plan which provides you with great discounts on most dental procedures you might find the need for. Preventive and maintenance dental procedures are covered up to 60%, while the more extensive dental procedures are covered up to 20%. This already includes specialty dental services including braces, root canals, bonding, veneers, and so on, even though some are already considered as cosmetic dental procedures. Careington simply offers coverage for all your dental needs.

If you check out the current prices of dental procedures these days, 20% discounts are already quite a lot of savings. And once you find out how much Careington dental plans cost, you’ll really feel the difference the plan can make for your budget.

2. Costs

The Careington Care 500 series dental plan costs only $139.95 each year. That’s the price of individual membership. If you want to enroll your entire family into the plan, you can do so by paying $189.95 per year. After paying the membership fee, you can begin enjoying the discount privileges of Careington dental plan. You do not need to meet any other requirements as Careington is very open to most consumers. There are no health restrictions to worry about, and the membership fee will already be good for an entire year; the benefits and discounts you can enjoy has no limits. Best of all, you can immediately enjoy discounts without having to wait for a specific period, which is commonly the case when it comes to traditional dental insurance plans.

3. Added benefits

The Careington dental plan also comes with plenty of added benefits. Careington, in its commitment to take care of the needs of consumers and also in the need to rise above competing dental plans, went beyond just providing access to affordable dental care. The plan provides you with various discounts on vision care services including Lasik treatments as well as discounts on prescription drugs. These add-on benefits promote the importance of overall wellness.

Careington Dental Plan Offers Flexibility and Freedom

There is yet another reason to go with Careington as your main dental insurance provider. The Careington Care 500 series dental plan allows you to choose a dentist who will take care of your dental care needs. The flexibility and freedom to choose your own dentist is a major factor for a lot of people choosing Careington over other dental plan providers. Some dental plans require you to go to just one dentist then you have to get referrals every time you need specialty care. Careington frees you from all such hassle and gives you the chance to choose your own dentist and switch from one dentist to another. You just have to stay within the Careington network to access the special Careington discounts.

The Careington dental plan also frees you from all the hassle of insurance premiums, annual maximum limits, deductibles, and so on by giving you a simple, straightforward discounts system.