Tooth Implant Cost – Procedure, Symptoms, Process of Cheap Tooth Implantation


tooth implant costsThe tooth implant cost is purely dependent on several factors that are unique to each case; there are no two dental implant procedures that go the same way and cost exactly the same amount. The cost of a tooth implant is affected by factors that are medical-related or not. A person’s age, health condition, jaw structure, facial structure can all affect the price of implants. As for the non-medical-related factors, the location of the dentist and the training and experience of the dentist can also make costs climb. In addition to this, some commenly asked questions are : how is the tooth implantation procedure – what the the tooth implant symptoms and where I can find cheap tooth implantation.

A tooth implant procedure can change your life; it can help you regain your confidence and that great smile. Despite the soaring tooth implant cost, getting dental implants is considered as a wise investment in your overall dental health.

However, as if the expensive cost of an implant is not enough, a complete implant procedure will also come with various other requirements that can further increase the overall price of the procedure. These additional requirements, or surgeries, are encountered on a case to case basis.

Additional Surgeries that Add Up to the Total Implant Cost – the Tooth Implantation Process

  • Bone grafting
  • Sinus augmentation
  • Ridge modification

1. Bone grafting – Tooth Implants vs. Brigde

A bone grafting procedure is a surgical procedure that is used to replace or put a piece of bone from the patient’s body into another position. This is not only done for dental purposes, but for other surgical needs as well. In the dental world, however, a bone grafting procedure becomes necessary if the jawbone is not enough to hold the titanium screw of the implant in place.

There are several cases wherein bone grafting may be found necessary. Inadequacy in the jawbone volume can be a natural factor in one’s facial structure, but it can also be acquired somewhere along the way. For example, any injury, infection, and gum disease can cause bone reduction or bone loss. If there is not enough bone, the dental implant will not hold or it may not be so stable. Thus, a bone grafting procedure will become necessary.

There are different types of bone grafting depending on the source of the bone that will be used. The most common is the autogenous bone grafting, which is what is used for dental-related purposes. This type of bone grafting is when the bone to be implanted is taken from the patient’s own body.

2. Sinus augmentation

Aside from bone grafting, some patients who want to get dental implants also face the need to undergo sinus augmentation. Sinus augmentation is a significant or crucial procedure for the success of certain dental implant cases. If you require this procedure, it means the tooth implant cost you have to pay will increase.

A sinus augmentation procedure lasts for a few hours and can be completed in a clinic setting. Local anesthesia will have to be used. The procedure begins by making a small window from the mouth leading to the maxillary sinus. A piece of bone is then added to the floor of the sinus to make it thicker. This is necessary when there is not enough floor that will hold the upper dental implant in place.

3. Ridge modification

Another procedure related to dental implants and can be added to the tooth implant cost is ridge modification. This is less common because it is done to correct bone deficiency caused by deformities in the upper and lower jaw. This is commonly necessary in the case of patients with history of periodontal disease. Some other causes of such defects include developmental problems, trauma, injury, or dentures. Due to the deformed area, it becomes impossible to put in the implants. Thus, a gum is taken from the ridge and bone is added to the defective ridge to build it up. The gum is then left to heal, which usually takes four to twelve months. After that period, you can then have your dental implants placed.

How Much is the Typical Tooth Implant Cost? If you Choose for this Option Based on the Implants Pros and Cons.

The regular price of a tooth implant is $1500 to $5000, but this covers only the implant and the procedure. If you need additional surgeries like the ones mentioned above, the regular price of these surgeries will be added on top of the dental implant procedure. This is what then raises the tooth implant cost to up to $15000, which is a far cry from its regular costs.