Patterson Dental – Get Ahead in the Dental Field with Patterson


Patterson Dental is a crucial player in the dental field, and if you are running a dental practice, having Patterson as your business partner can definitely increase your chances of getting ahead in this highly competitive industry. But how exactly can Patterson help you? What does Patterson Dental offer to dental practices like yours?

In a nutshell, Patterson offers dental products, equipments, and technologies that you can use to operate your dental practice. The company also offers innovative solutions to meet all the needs you may have for the success of your practice. Aside from offering products, equipments, and technologies, Patterson also offers clinic design and setup as well as marketing for your practice. In short, everything you need to jumpstart your practice and keep it going can be offered by the company.

The business of Patterson is not only focused on the dental field. It also offers the same products and services to the medical and veterinary fields. However, its dental arm has proved to be the most profitable and most innovative. Learn more about your potential partner here.

The Facts about Patterson Dental

  • The history of Patterson
  • Dental products and technologies
  • Benefits for dental practices
  • Patterson support system

1. The history of Patterson

Patterson Dental has a rather long history. It has been serving the dental field for more than 130 years. What used to be just a single-room drugstore back in 1877 is now a well-respected, highly reputable dental solutions provider in the business, and it plays a highly significant role in advancing the current state of dental technology.

The company now has 85 branches represented by 1500 sales personnel that brings solutions to where the dental practices are. It is also growing continuously. It has expanded and has made various key acquisitions to expand its business offers.

2. Dental products and technologies

As mentioned earlier, Patterson sells dental supplies, dental equipment, and dental technologies. It offers everything dental practices need, from tooth whitening products, bonding agents, cotton products, lab instruments, surgical instruments, retainer bands, scalpel and suture, anesthetic and needles, amalgam, and various accessories. Administrative supplies such as billing products, clinical forms, and scheduling materials can also be availed of from Patterson.

The available dental equipments, on the other hand, include equipments from top manufacturers in the industry.

Technologies such as Sirona’s CEREC System, and top-of-the-line technologies from Schick, Eaglesoft, and CAESY, are all also offered by the company.

3. Benefits for dental practices

Dental practices and dentists who partner with Patterson Dental can also enjoy a full range of benefits. They can enjoy branding and marketing benefits with custom printing stationery, personalized supply bags, wall and ceiling decor, comfortable and stylish furniture, and so on. Your dental practice will really stand out with Patterson on your side.

Aside from that, dentists in member practices are also offered conventions and seminars, especially those that teach and update them with the latest technologies in the dental field. This is aimed at offering dentists with the information they need to move ahead with the fray.

4. Patterson support system

Patterson Dental is also proud of its support system for its clients. Local personalized technical service and dispatch agents are ready to meet all your inquiries, and can be trusted on to provide prompt deliveries and reliable service. A live chat system is also available for when you need remote help with anything related to your business.


With Patterson Dental, You Have the Advantage


Aside from all the offers you get as a client of Patterson Dental, you also get additional benefits from the Patterson Advantage, a special membership program that allows you to earn Advantage Dollars with every purchase and investment you make with Patterson. The membership program offers several different packages; the higher the membership, the more benefits you get.