Dental Tourism – Why Go For Abroad Dental Care


Dental tourism is gaining greater popularity by the minute as more people open themselves up to the idea of travelling to another country to obtain dental care. Although only considered by some, the concept has been around for a long time. In fact, several Americans over the years have gone all the way to Mexico to receive less costly dental care. And now, the boundaries are extended and people are going farther and farther.

Most would ask, why bother going long distance for something readily available in your immediate location? Well, dental tourism brings many advantages that cannot be received when you seek dental care within the country.

Here are some of the benefits you can get if you decide to go long distance to seek dental care.

Why Go for Dental Tourism?

  • Dental expertise without the price hike
  • Dental care at extremely low costs
  • The exchange rate advantage in dental terms
  • Abroad dental care when you need it

1. Abroad Dental care expertise without the price hike

Some countries have become well-known destinations for dental travel because of the specialized dental expertise in the country. When it comes to dentistry, one prime destination is Costa Rica. The country is now known for its high quality of dental care ad competitive dentist training.  It is also especially known for its advanced technology used in dental cosmetics, making it an even more popular destination for people who seek cosmetic dental care.

The dental care facilities in the country are also high-tech and much-improved thanks to its burgeoning reputation as a prime dental care spot. Although you can receive pretty much the same quality and expert care from some of the dental providers in the country, they can be rather expensive, but that cannot be said about the expert care you can obtain overseas.

2. Dental care at extremely low costs

The biggest factor, however, that sets high-quality dental care at home and high-quality dental care in other countries is the price. Dental care in the country is pricey; too expensive, in fact, that it exceeds even the combined cost of air travel, basic accommodation, and dental care in another country. This is mainly why people find it more practical to go abroad for dental care. Despite all the additional costs they have to pay, they still end up receiving good quality dental care at lower costs.

But why is dental care in other countries priced quite low? Some may ask this question with a hint of distrust. But the real reason behind the affordable cost of dental care abroad is not due to lower care quality, but to lower administrative costs and lower education and training costs. Dentists pay less to study and train; they pay less to hire employees and rent clinic space. They pay less for dental care equipment and they pay less, in general, to run their practice. As a result, they are more able to offer dental care at the same quality but at a lower price.

3. The exchange rate advantage in dental terms

If you go to a country whose currency is smaller than that in your home country, you will definitely be able to save a lot on dental care, thanks to the advantage you have due to the exchange rate. All in all, you can save up to 70% of what you would normally pay for dental care at home.

4. Dental care when you need it

Due to the large number of people seeking dental care, and the low number of dental clinics that offer affordable dental care, you could be waiting a long time to receive dental treatment that you can pay for. But if you choose the dental tourism option, you have a lot of dental providers in a lot of countries to choose from. Though you would have to travel first, you can get immediate care once you get to your destination.

The Best Add-on Benefit: Dental Tourism is Still Travel

Despite all the benefits of dental tourism, a good lot of all patients who seek dental tourism options choose this particular option enticed by the idea of travelling. Yes, you are getting dental care, but while you’re there, you can also take some time looking around and learning about the foreign country you visit. Dental tourism applications even speed up your VISA application process.

If you’re planning to get dental care and you also have your mind set on travelling, you can combine these two goals and ultimately save money.