Dental Questions – Perfect Teeth, Abcessed Tooth, Teeth Whitening


dental questionsDental questions range from mild to scary. But part of the movement towards better dental care is answering all possible questions you may come up with when it comes to your teeth. For example how does one get perfect teeth, how do deal with an abcessed tooth and what are the best teeth whitening products out there ? Having your questions answered will help you be more aware of the common problems that you face in taking care of your teeth, and will also give you a clue as to how best to respond to your own dental needs.

There are a lot of factors and aspects of dentistry that people do not know about. So if you have questions, make sure to ask. After all, this affects your teeth directly, and your teeth, in turn, directly affect your overall health. If you are really concerned with your teeth and your health, you should go out of your way to seek answers to the dental questions that are plaguing you especially if it is about a dental problem you yourself are experiencing. Remember that early detection of dental problems is key to keeping them from worsening.

Here are some of the most frequently asked dental questions you also may be asking.

Important Answers to Important Dental Questions

  • What is the best teeth whitening technique in the hunt for perfect teeth?
  • How do I deal with an intense toothache like an abcessed tooth?
  • What should I do if I break a tooth?
  • What should I do if I knock out a tooth?

1. What is the best teeth whitening technique?

The number of people who are seeking teeth whitening techniques out there is crazy. Although a lot of people have relatively good teeth, not all of them are proud to show off their smiles due to the color of their teeth. This is why teeth whitening procedures are highly demanded in the industry.

Teeth have different natural colors. Some are really darker, while some look purer. If you are unhappy with the color of your teeth, there are a lot of teeth whitening techniques you can consider. Your dental care provider can give you a run through all your options so you can choose the best technique for you.

You can opt for clinic-based whitening procedures such as bleaching or the use of laser whitening. These are to be done by a dentist. Although there are various products that claim to make teeth whiter, the best way is to seek the help of a dentist. A clinic-based procedure is still more effective. If you want to speed up results, you can also use whitening toothpastes while getting the treatment. But using whitening products at home alone may not be the most effective course of action.

2. How do I deal with an intense toothache?

If you are faced with a toothache emergency, wash your mouth using warm water and make sure no food is lodged in between your teeth. If there is inflammation, get a cold compress and put it over the outside of the affected area, then go see your dentist. The important thing is you do the last step. Even the mild toothache can already be a sign of a bigger problem.

3. What should I do if I break my tooth?

This is one question every person should ask. Dental emergencies cannot be predicted. The best you can do is deal with them the right way. So in case of a dental emergency, don’t panic, but don’t neglect it either. Any form of trauma or injury caused to your teeth is a cause for concern; just to be sure, go to the dentist each time you experience problems with your teeth.

If you break a tooth, save as many pieces of the tooth as you can. Rinse your mouth as well as the broken pieces you found. If there is pain or swelling, apply the same cold compress technique. If bleeding occurs, get a gauze and put it over the area where the bleeding is coming from; let it stay for around 10 minutes or wait until the bleeding ceases.

4. What should I do if I knock out a tooth?

If you knock out an entire tooth, make sure to retrieve the tooth. Do not hold it by the roots; always hold it by the crown. Rinse it with warm water to make sure it is clean, but do not scrub it and handle it with care so you will not accidentally remove any tissue fragments that are still attached. Then keep it in a small container with some milk or water mixed with a small amount of table salt. When ready, go see your dentist immediately. If you get to the dentist within an hour, you have better chances of saving your tooth.

Why Get a Second Opinion for Your Dental Questions

A lot of people have taken up the habit of seeking a second opinion from another care provider each time they have a question. Getting a second opinion can help you see the problem from different perspectives so you can also compare different treatment proposals. Check out the official American dental association site for some great teeth cleaning tips for better teeth. Different answers to the same question make you see the points of emphasis that are similarly focused on by the answers, which can help you identify the best course of action to choose.