Dental Polisher – A Good Dental Care Investment


dental polisherA dental polisher is a dental device used for dental or tooth polishing, the act of smoothing all the exposed surfaces of teeth. Dental polishing can be done for two purposes, to remove all plaque and stains, and also to prevent plaque from further piling up on the surface of the teeth. This is because if the tooth surface is smooth and polished, it becomes difficult for plaque to accumulate on it.

Dental polishing is rarely done on its own. Usually, it is done as a preparatory procedure prior to a fluoride treatment or a sealant application. According to the American Dental Hygienist Association, dental polishing does not really have any impact on the effects of sealants and fluoride, and that tooth polishing may be considered as a cosmetic procedure since its benefits are mostly esthetic and not therapeutic.

Acquainting You with the Dental Polisher and Why You Need It

  • Why Invest In A Tooth Polishing Product
  • Choosing A Good Tooth Polisher
  • Rio Dental Polisher – Most Popular
  • Orawave Power Whitener Toothbrush and Polisher

1. Why Invest in A Tooth Polishing Product

Dental polishing is not a complicated procedure and can be easily done by anyone. It’s just like scrubbing any other surface clean using a specific tool. This is why there are a lot of dental polishers being sold commercially. Investing in a good tooth polisher of your own means you don’t have to go see your doctor for a tooth polishing session, and this can save you a lot of money in the long run. After all, the procedure is so easy that you shouldn’t pay for something you can do yourself.

2. Choosing A Good Tooth Polisher

A dental polisher looks pretty much like electric toothbrushes with a really small head. The head is a cup-like mechanism that spins rather powerfully in order to polish the tooth surface. Choose a good polisher by reading expert and consumer reviews, so you won’t waste your money on an ineffective product. A good polisher should be able to remove plaque thoroughly from teeth.

Also, choose a good package. If you’re looking for something you can easily bring along on your frequent travels, look for polishers that already come with travel pouches. Most polishers are also operated by regular AA batteries, so you can use them anywhere. Also, some polishers already include additional polishing heads in a single package; these packages give you more value for your money and makes sure you don’t have to buy a new one anytime soon.

3. Rio Dental Polisher – Most Popular

The most popular dental polisher today is the Rio polisher. You can easily buy this online from Amazon. It has received a lot of reviews from happy customers, saying that the product proved effective in removing plaque and even coffee stains. It also worked fast, with effects easily noticed in just 10 minutes of polishing.

The Rio package includes different tools such as a polisher, a special plaque remover, and a special stain eraser to fit your needs and take care of your specific problems.

4. Orawave Power Whitener Toothbrush and Polisher

You can also buy packages that offer both a power toothbrush and a polisher, like what the Orawave Power Whitener package offers. This is also available on Amazon. The package contains one ergonomically designed tool but two types of attachable heads, one toothbrush type and the other with polishing cups. The polishing cup is a hygienist-style prophy polishing cup that not only cleans but also helps whiten the teeth. The design of this product is patented and doubles the cleaning action of other dental polishing products. This packagealso already includes 2 AA batteries to get your started.

Risks of Dental Polishing

Although not considered a treatment, tooth polishing is still helpful in maintaining a clean and attractive look for teeth. For one thing, it is very effective in removing heavy staining that other cleaning and plaque removal methods are not able to handle anymore. This is a good procedure to have done to your teeth from time to time.

There have been some claims, however, that frequently polishing the tooth with a dental polisher can cause abrasion in the tooth structure and may even damage the outer layer of the tooth enamel. This is why, in recent years, dentists have switched to air polishing as an alternative, also because it can more easily reach otherwise inaccessible areas.