Best Dental Insurance Plan: Which One’s Winning the Race?


The best dental insurance plan remains a mystery. Which one provides the best coverage? Which one provides the most benefits? Which one takes more of your needs into consideration? It would be pretty much impossible to identify one dental plan as the best. Take a look into the market of dental plans and you’ll see why. There are too many dental plans offering their enticing set of benefits these days.

If you think you’ve found the best dental insurance plan, here comes another with an even more enticing package. And as each option offers competitive rates, choosing one is definitely a challenge.

There is no secret formula to finding the best dental insurance package. One thing’s for sure, though. You need to do a lot of research first. It’s the only way you’ll be able to make an informed decision that you won’t one day regret while eyeing all the other offers in the market. Look for a plan you will be satisfied with, and the first step of the process is to try and know everything you can about the top three options in the market.

The Top Three Best Dental Insurance Plan in the Market

  • HealthCareOne
  • Avia dental plans
  • eHealth Insurance

1. HealthCareOne

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Healthcare has always been a tough field to play in, but HealthCareOne has managed to establish a highly respected name in the industry. HealthCareOne offers what could possibly be one of the best dental insurance plan packages you’ll ever find. What does it have that other names in the business don’t?

Well, for one thing, it offers huge discounts of up to 60% on all dental care services as well as on some health care services. Again, here’s a plan that goes beyond just dental care.

Secondly, HealthCareOne is a name even dentists trust. This is why the program now has over 900,000 participating doctors and dentists in various locations. These dentists are under contract to provide best-quality service at discounted rates to all bearers of the HealthCareOne membership ID.

2. Avia Dental Plans

Avia dental plans is definitely one of the most reliable and most popular names in the affordable dental care department. It has established a recognized name in the industry because of the wide network of dentists it has managed to form. On top of that, the company offers discounts of up to 80% to all its members, and discounts can be enjoyed the day after your membership application is approved. While some plans stop at 70% as their maximum discount, Avia goes another notch higher.

But this is not enough to make Avia dental plans the best dental insurance plan option around. What really sets it apart from other options is that Avia goes beyond meeting your need for dental care. It also takes care of you in other aspects by providing you with a vision care package as well. This means that with one plan, you will already get care for your teeth and for your eyes as well.

3. eHealth Insurance

If you’ve, at one point, looked for health insurance, you’ve probably heard of eHealth Insurance. eHealth Insurance is a major health insurance provider that offers individuals and families a plan that they can use to avail of more affordable health and dental insurance. eHealth Insurance’s dental coverage can provide you with discounted rates on most dental services, from basic to major. And since eHealth is a rather established name, it provides good customer service, a very prompt service, and prices that you can easily afford.

Choosing the Best Dental Insurance Plan

So how do you make your decision? After finding out all you can about the companies and the dental plans that are playing for the best dental insurance plan award, your next task is to compare their offers. To do this, you have to consider the cost of the plan, what it offers in terms of dental care, and if there are any other special benefits such as vision care or hearing care. Then you have to evaluate the provider and check for recommendations on whether it is a company you can trust and rely on or not. This will help you get not just affordable dental coverage but a dental plan that won’t let you down, exactly what the best dental insurance plan should be.