Average Cost of Braces for Teeth – Weighing Your Braces Cost


average cost of braces for teethThe average cost of braces for teeth is affected by many factors. Different dentists in different locations, charge differently for braces. Different cases also come with varying requirements, and these variables further affect the cost you will pay for braces.

Generally, however, orthodontics can be an expensive dental undertaking, but one that is definitely worth the investment because it can solve several dental problems. Fortunately, you can talk to your dentist about financing options, or you can seek other financing sources such as dental insurance plans.

Most basic dental plan packages don’t include orthodontics because this is considered a major procedure. However, to answer the rising demands of consumers, more and more dental insurance providers are now offering special dental plans with set discounts for orthodontics. There are even some dental plans dedicated solely to orthodontics for those whose dental needs are mainly braces.

What Affects the Average Cost of Braces for Teeth?

  • The average cost of braces
  • Braces in your area
  • What this includes
  • Additional costs

1. The average cost of braces

The average cost of braces for teeth can be anywhere between $5000 and $7000. This, however, is only an average of the common cost of orthodontic procedure aimed towards teeth straightening and general braces.

When it comes to orthodontics, the opposite is true as in general dentistry. As we all know, cosmetic dental procedures are usually more expensive than basic dental procedures. However, in braces, cosmetic braces are less expensive than braces that are meant for the treatment of dental problems. This is because orthodontics as a treatment entails many different factors.

2. Braces in your area

The place where you get your braces done can affect the average cost of braces for teeth. If the braces in your area are exceptionally expensive as they are in most places, you can consider going to an orthodontist in a neighboring city. The problem is that orthodontic treatments require repeat visits and regular brace adjustments, so you have to take into consideration the additional cost of travelling to another city for braces. Weigh both options to get the most affordable and reasonable option.

3. What this includes

Dentists can get especially tricky when it comes to computing the average cost of braces for teeth. So if you want to get braces, you should make sure you are being charged right. Your dentist will usually ask you to pay for your entire procedure in full or in instalments, but it helps to have your provider break down the total cost into what it includes so you know and understand what you are paying for. Usually, the average cost just includes the cost of the braces and the service fee for the dentist.

Any additional cost should be explained clearly to you.

4. Additional costs

If you have special needs, the average cost of braces may still increase. If you need extractions, these will be added on top of the basic cost of the braces.

These additional costs can surprise you when it’s time to pay your bills. To make sure you will not be caught by surprise, you should discuss closely with your dentist about your payment plan before treatment even begins. This can help you plan your dental expenses and finances accordingly.

Aside from that, you may be asked to pay some extra costs based on your preferences. For example, if you don’t want the ordinary metal braces, you can ask for invisible braces, which will cost more than the regular braces. There are also concealed braces, which are placed behind the teeth instead of in front. Usually, concealed braces will just add an additional $2000 to $5000 to the cost of regular braces. These are less expensive than invisible braces.

There are other minor additions, such as your choice of ceramic brackets that mimic the color of teeth so that your braces will not look too invasive or gold-plated braces. Some dentists also offer decorative letters and symbols that can be added to your braces. These are especially popular among kids. Although the little add-ons are not that expensive, they can still change the average cost of braces for teeth.

Financing Options for the Average Cost of Braces

Getting braces is one of the most important dental moves you can make, which is why dental insurance plans are putting emphasis on braces. There are many dental plans, from PPO plans, HMO plans, to discount dental plans that offer special coverage for orthodontics. If you want orthodontic-focused plans, check out OrthoCare Orthodontic Discount Program, among many others.