Discount Dental Insurance: Your Most Affordable Dental Coverage


Discount dental insurance is an innovative alternative to the traditional dental insurance we all know about. Dental insurance plans did not solve the problem of inadequate dental care for most people, so here comes yet another product to try and save the day.

All the terms can be rather confusing, so let’s take it from the beginning. You might be wondering what exactly is the difference between discount dental plans and the traditional dental insurance plans. While traditional dental insurance is like an investment product that you buy, discount plans are membership programs wherein you have to pay a membership fee and be accepted into the exclusive program where you get benefits like all the other members. You cannot set the level of coverage you can get for various dental procedures. All the members get the same discount rates.

Now that you get the concept, you probably wonder about how exactly you will benefit from this type of program. Here are more details on the benefits of discount dental insurance.

Understanding the Benefits of Discount Dental Insurance

  • How is benefit delivered?
  • Who can benefit from discount plans?
  • How can you receive the benefits?

1. How is benefit delivered?

Discount plans, as they are called, offer discounts. They do not offer merely coverage. Your payment does not equate to the coverage that you will receive. You pay a minimal amount, and can enjoy the discounts all year through. The net amounts you will pay after the discounts are deducted are already presented in a table which comes in handy when you have to do some budgeting before making any move.  Best of all, the discounts will not run out, unlike coverage offered by dental insurance plans, which come with annual maximum limits. The discounts are good for an entire year, and that’s it, no other terms or conditions involved.

2. Who can benefit from discount plans?

The discount dental plan trend is now spreading, and more and more companies are joining the foray of discount plans that consumers can avail of. Perhaps what really makes this an effective solution to the rather problematic state of dental care nowadays is that it targets individuals and families, who are direct consumers, unlike dental insurance, which is often too expensive for the regular consumer to purchase on their own. This is why the regular consumer only depends on employers and group memberships to get dental coverage, and if they lose both, they end up dentally vulnerable. As for discount dental insurance, the regular consumer can easily apply for membership into a discount dental program. Costs are kept at a very modicum rate to make the program easily affordable for regular consumers.

3. How can you receive the benefits?

Simply becoming a member and paying the membership fee entitles you to discounts. To avail of the discounts you, you just have to are provide your dentist with your membership card. Dentists are offered for as long as your yearly membership is still active.

Discount Dental Insurance for People with Special Dental Insurance Problems

A lot of people come across a specific problem when it comes to dental insurance. For some, they can’t seem to find a decent dental insurance plan because they have an existing dental problem that’s costly to cover. Some have existing medical conditions that affect their overall eligibility. Some have credit problems that show up on their records. These problems can leave you ineligible and unable to buy dental insurance at all.

Discount dental insurance once again opens the door to dental coverage that’s possible and beneficial for one and all. Discount plans do not come with health restrictions and are not as strict as dental insurance in evaluating interested members.

As for those who get intimidated with all the paperwork and requirements of dental insurance, discount dental plans do not come with the paperwork, nor the very frustrating waiting period. You can apply for membership today and enjoy discounts tomorrow.

Lastly, families with a lot of members and some really young members usually have problems because dental insurance gets expensive and comes with age limits for dependents. This is another plus discount plans have over traditional dental insurance; they are affordable even for entire families, and they do not have a limit for the age of dependents. Given all these, it seems pretty obvious why discount dental insurance is creating quite a stir these days.