Save Money on Dental Insurance: Reminders in Choosing the Right Dental Plan


save money on dental insurance plansNow you can save money on dental insurance, thanks to the more affordable dental insurance alternatives that are now available in the market. Normally, people rely on dental coverage offered by their employers or organizations that they are members of. However, a large chunk of individuals are not fortunate enough to have a ready source of dental coverage since not all companies offer such benefits while some companies only offer dental coverage to certain employees, i.e. regular employees. But as the workplace continues to evolve, there are now a lot of part-time workers or freelancers who do not have access to affordable dental care and affordable dental insurance.

Discount dental plans, the ultimate dental insurance alternative, come to their rescue. Discount plans are less costly than traditional dental insurance plans. These are not insurance policies. Instead, they work like membership plans that offer benefits to members. In other words, they do not come with all the daunting aspects of insurance such as deductibles and premiums. There are fewer paperwork and shorter claims processes as well.

If you are interested in the discount dental plan option so you can save money on dental insurance, here are some of the most affordable plans in the market.

Save Money on Dental Insurance with These Discount Dental Plans

  • Signature Wellness Plan
  • UNI-CARE 200 Discount Dental Plan
  • Careington Select Plan

1. Signature Wellness Plan

The Signature Wellness Plan is the pocket-friendly alternative that puts heavy stress on preventive and diagnostic care, or prevention of major dental problems and early detection of minor problems. The plan is also considered as a wellness plan since it also provides benefits on vision care, chiropractic care, and prescription drugs.

For only $114.95 for an entire year, the Signature Wellness Plan can give you reduced rates on dental procedures provided by your chosen dentist. You have to choose a dentist from a list of dentists who honor the Signature Wellness Plan discounts. You can receive discounts on most dental procedures, including orthodontics, and you can continuously enjoy discounts the whole year through without a maximum limit.

Discounts range around 30% for dental care, up to 60% on prescription eyeglasses, 15% on hearing aids, 25% on prescription drugs, and 20% on chiropractic services.

2. UNI-CARE 200 Discount Dental Plan

UNI-CARE offers two types of plans: UNI-CARE 100 and UNI-CARE 200. The former is more affordable, but comes with certain limitations in coverage. The latter, UNI-CARE 200, is a bit more expensive at $114.95, though if you compare it with other offers, it is already quite affordable.

At this price, you already get multiple benefits. Aside from the expected discounts on most dental procedures, which range between 10% and 50%, you also get discounts on orthodontics as well as on most cosmetic dental procedures. On top of these, you also get free bonus benefits such as $40 discounts on prescription drugs, chiropractic services, hearing aids, and vision care.

3. Careington Select Plan

Careington is also another well-known name when it comes to discount dental plans. Careington is known for its Careington Care 500 Series. But Careington also offers yet another discount plan, the Careington Select plan, which is more affordable at only $114.95 per year for individuals. Families can enroll all members for a group rate of only $169.95, with no age limit for dependents.

Careington Select Plan offers 10% to 50% discounts on most dental services. This includes the most routine and basic procedures such as cleanings all the way to the most extensive procedures such as root canals and dentures. Even cosmetic dental procedures such as veneers are available to members of the plan at discounted rates. This is one of the best discount plan offers that can help you save money on dental insurance.

Save Money on Dental Insurance: Reminders in Choosing the Right Plan

There are a lot of dental plans that can help you save money on dental insurance, so it is important that you make a careful and informed decision. Aside from looking at the price of the discount dental plan, you also have to consider the rates of discounts offered, the procedures covered, additional benefits, and the number of participating dentists that you can choose from. Finding the best plan is the best way to save money on dental insurance without sacrificing benefits.