Low Cost Dental Implants – Affordable Dental Implants Bridge. Before and After Dentures.


low cost dental implantsLow cost dental implants are possible, albeit with a little effort. What are the cost of dental implants and what are the before and after results of dentures ? Dental implants are quite expensive, but there’s no wonder in the fact that people are still searching for ways to afford implants. After all, implants are still considered as the best tooth replacement options around. Those who need to replace lost teeth don’t have to settle for removable and uncomfortable tooth replacements, thanks to the advent of tooth implants.

The only hindrance is the price of dental implants – it is hard to find affordable dental implants and free dental implants options are almost impossible to find. Since the procedure requires surgery and uses a titanium-made post that holds the crown in place, an implant can really cost you a lot. Thankfully, some people have discovered low cost dental implants, and this time the gratitude is owed to dental insurance plans.

Dental insurance plans are membership or insurance policies that provide discounts for various dental procedures as long as members pay a monthly or yearly fee to maintain the policy or membership. This is one of the most recommended tools to make dental care more affordable. There are some limitations when it comes to dental insurance. Some may not cover dental implants since most plans are created with basic dental care as a priority and dental implants are considered somewhat cosmetic.

But do you know that there are other options to get low cost dental implants? Here are some unique financing options you may not know about.

Secret Techniques to Getting Low Cost Affordable Dental Implants

  • Care Credit dental implant financing for dentures
  • Consider dental tourism for implants
  • Volunteer at a dental school

1. Care Credit dental implant financing for dentures

Care Credit is one of the few companies that offer financing for dental implants. Care Credit is not like other dental plan providers; the company takes a closer focus on dental implant financing. With Care Credit, members are allowed to receive implant procedures immediately then they can pay for it on an instalment basis over time. Monthly payments are very affordable and easy on your monthly budget.

Care Credit offers two different payment plans. You can choose between the no interest plan and the extended payment plan. No interest plans give you the option to pay for your dental implants over a period of 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. Extended plans can break the payment down over 24 months, 36 months, or even as long as 48 months, so you can pay only $41 each month, though you’d have to meet the 12.96% interest requirement.

2. Consider dental tourism for affordable implants

One of the least known methods to getting low cost dental implants is through dental tourism. A lot of people consider dental tourism as a drastic method, or perhaps a last resort. But more people are also opening up to this option. Seeking implant treatment outside the United States means you have the whole world to search for low cost dental implants in. This option can help you find implants for as low as just $500.

Dental procedures are cheaper in some countries abroad because education, training, and medical operations in those countries are generally cheaper than in the US. These benefits, therefore, are cascaded down towards the patient level. Some countries have in fact become quite popular destinations for dental tourists that prices have decreased even further.

3. Volunteer at a dental school

You can also volunteer at a dental school. If you think low cost dental implants is not cause enough for leaving the country, then you can consider volunteering at dental schools in the country. Dental schools are often willing to provide dental implant treatments at extremely low cost (and sometimes, at no cost at all) for volunteers who agree to have treatments done by dentists in training. Of course, these dentists are supervised by licensed professionals to ensure that everything goes smoothly with your surgery.

Zoning in on the dental plan option for low cost dental implants – what are the before vs. after results for dentures ? And what dental plans options for implants do you have ?

If you want to give dental insurance plans another chance, better check out the offers from Delta Dental and Aetna Dental. These are two leading dental plan providers with reputable backgrounds, reliable services, and cost-friendly products that assist patients in financing their dental needs. These plans can also help you get low cost dental implants.