Gentle Dental – Genuine Care for Your Teeth and for You


Gentle Dental has successfully won the trust of a lot of consumers, most especially families who are looking for dental care that they can feel right at home with. A lot of people find the dental clinic as one of the scariest places on earth. Conduct a survey and it’s likely to come up. The truth is, dental clinics are also like hospitals. They give us a feeling of dread, and the fact that dental procedures are not just painful but are also usually expensive and painful on the pocket gives people more reasons to be apprehensive about going to the dentist.

It’s a good thing Gentle Dental is around so that families can have a dental care provider that they can turn to. As the name itself implies, the company offers dental care that’s gentle and sincere that families feel very comfortable with it. From the offices to the staff, everything about this significant contributor to the dental field is geared towards providing high-quality care in a very gentle manner. No wonder many consumers, especially parents, put their trust on no other name but Gentle.

How Gentle Dental Delivers Its Offers

  • Gentle dental locations and accessibility
  • Complete dental care from A to Z
  • Convenient payment plans

1. Gentle dental locations and accessibility

One of the many strategies Gentle Dental uses to provide dental care that consumers and families can easily put their trust in is accessibility. The company, as of press time, operates more than 130 dental locations that are strategically scattered all over the country. The locations are also placed in well-planned locations to make sure anyone in the country can easily access dental care when they need it. Gentle knows that the first step to gaining consumers’ trust is to simply be around, and the only way they can magnify their presence is to be seen everywhere. The company is still set to further improve its accessibility and presence in the field, but for now, the 130 plus dental locations are making a very positive statement.

2. Complete dental care from A to Z

Another way how Gentle Dental builds a trusting relationship with consumers is by never turning their back on those who need them. This is why the company offers full-service care that covers your needs from basic and general dentistry all the way to extensive and specialist dental procedures. Gentle offers everything you’d possibly need, from preventive procedures such as cleanings and sealants, to restorative dental procedures for minor teeth repairs, to pediatric care for children’s needs, and to emergency dental care services. Aside from that, to make sure all bases are covered, the company also provides major dental procedures including specialty care such as braces, gum care, prosthodontics or dental implants, and so on.

And to really make sure you can go from A to Z without losing the Gentle protection, the company also offers cosmetic dental procedures including crowns, veneers, dentures, dental implants, teeth whitening, and so on.

3. Convenient payment plans

A lot of consumers and families these days are having trouble with their finances. This is one concern that a company has to consider if it wants to succeed over the competition. Gentle Dental knows exactly how to do this, as it shows in how it offers various payment options for consumers and families to choose from when they sign up with Gentle. You can make payments to Gentle through your credit card and you can also avail of the special interest-free financing options so you can get dental care even when it’s not yet in the budget. This special option is named as the CareCredit, which puts your dental care bill on credit first. Gentle will not charge interest for unpaid bills as long as you sign up with the CareCredit program.

The Core of Gentle Dental’s Sincere Service: The Gentle Dental Team

The core of the sincere service offered by Gentle Dental lies with the dental team working in the company. Gentle sets itself apart from competitors by being a go-to, very sincere and simple, and very comfortable dental care service to consumers. And there’s no way this can happen if not without the especially trained dental practitioners and professionals working in the Gentle dental team.