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florida dental plansFlorida dental plans and Florida dental insurance companies offer the way to high quality and continuous dental care in the state of Florida at reduced fees. But whare are the best Florida dental insurance plans ? And what are some Florida dental insurance dentists and the best Florida PPO options out there ? A lot of patients nowadays know how important dental care is. They know that dental health affects overall health. They do not need any more emphasis on those points. The problem that hinders them from receiving proper dental care is that dental care rates in the state of Florida are soaring.

Thankfully, this classic tale has garnered the attention of dental solutions providers and this has made dental care a reality for a lot of people in the state. What came out as the main result is the overflow of dental plans that are offered in Florida.

A lot of dental plan companies offer Florida dental insurance plans knowing that Florida is a flourishing state where dental insurances are highly needed. Along with California and Texas, Florida is one of the three states often targeted by dental plan providers. If you live in Florida and you are wondering how to finally get treatment for your dental problems, the answer to your dental woes has arrived. Dental treatments at reduced fees are now possible with all these dental plans offered in Florida.

The Best Dental Plans Available in Florida – PPO Plans and More.

  • Solstice Plus Plan One
  • Vital Savings by Aetna – One of the best Dental Insurance Plans in Florida
  • Patriot Plan Plus in the State of Florida

1. Solstice Plus Plan One Florida

One of the dental plans available in Florida is the Solstice Plus Plan One. This plan is sold for $134.95 per year for each individual member and $179.95 for each family. If you get hold of their special promotional offers, you can enjoy three free months on top of the single year you originally paid for.

The plan offers preventive care, basic and restorative care, orthodontics, and cosmetic care such as teeth whitening, veneers, and bonding. Preventive care procedures are also offered for free once every six months, which means you get two free exams and cleanings each year. Each member, even members of family plans, can receive all these benefits from their chosen dentists. It even includes a free discount prescription drug plan as a bonus.

2. Vital Savings by Aetna

Aetna is a well-known provider of dental plans. In Florida, it offers two dental plan types. The first is its standard Aetna Dental Access plan. The second is the Vital Savings membership program. This is priced similarly to what Solstice Plus offers to both individual and family members. What you get in exchange, however, differs. The difference will help you determine which plan is more suitable for you based on your needs.

Vital Savings offers discounts ranging from 15% to 50% on most dental procedures such as cleanings, crowns, root canals, orthodontics. As you can see, the most minor and the most major services are all covered. However, there are limits as to the areas where you can get coverage for periodontics and orthodontics.

The special thing about Vital Savings is that it includes 9 additional programs to help you save on dental care. You can also enjoy, on top of dental discounts, discounts on pharmaceutical drugs, vision and hearing care, weight management and fitness, oral health care products, salon discounts, book discounts, and Zagat discounts.

3. Patriot Plan Plus

Patriot is a well-known provider of Florida dental plans, and one reason could be the fact that Patriot has two offers in the state. Aside from its regular Patriot Plan offer, Patriot also offers the Patriot Plan Plus dental package.

This is a more affordable plan than the previous two. It is available at only $114.95 and $169.95 per year for individual and family memberships. This does not mean you get a measly coverage; the coverage even includes orthodontics, so how can it be measly? It also comes with no yearly maximums so you can get all the care that you need. Best of all, you get several ancillary benefits in chiropractic care, vision care, hearing instruments and hearing care, and pharmacy prescription drugs.

What to Consider when Choosing Florida Dental Insurance

Now that you know some of your options, your next step is to choose the plan that will be most beneficial for you. To choose, you need to consider two main things. One, consider the membership cost. Second, consider the benefits you will receive. Low-cost Florida dental plans that do not provide the coverage you specifically need is definitely not the plan for you.