Cosmetic Dentistry Insurance – How to Get Coverage for Dental Cosmetics


Cosmetic dentistry insuranceCosmetic dentistry insurance is sometimes a patient’s only chance to afford the skyrocketing prices of cosmetic dental procedures. A lot of attention is being given to people’s teeth nowadays. As civilization continues to ensue, consumers are becoming more scrupulous than ever. This is why the world of cosmetic surgery was created after all.

And if the cost of dental procedures in general is rising, then so much more for cosmetic procedures, which are considered as specialized procedures and require specialists who are trained in the particular art.

Unfortunately, for most people, these costs are beyond their capacity to pay. The only remaining option is to get dental insurance. However, there are some things you need to know about this option.

The Top Things to Know About Cosmetic Dental Insurance

  • Dental Insurance Coverage for Cosmetic Procedures
  • When You Can Get Insurance Coverage for Cosmetic Procedures
  • How Much Does Cosmetic Dental Procedures Cost?
  • Choosing the Right Cosmetic Dentist

1. Dental Insurance Coverage for Cosmetic Procedures

The first thing you should know is that cosmetic dental procedures are not widely included in most dental insurance plans nowadays. The regular dental insurance usually only include coverage for basic maintenance procedures, minor procedures such as extractions, and major procedures such as root canals and dental surgery.

However, most do not include coverage for porcelain veneers, tooth bleaching, and so on, since these are considered as cosmetic procedures. Usually, braces are not covered as well, since some insurance companies also consider them as cosmetic.

2. When You Can Get Insurance Coverage for Cosmetic Procedures

There are some instances wherein cosmetic dental procedures can be included in your dental insurance. For one thing, you can find a specialized cosmetic dentistry insurance really focused on the cosmetic procedures.

Also, if your reason for needing the said procedure is valid and is not purely aesthetic, say you got injured and the procedure is necessary not just for aesthetic reasons. Most insurance plans really offer provisions for repairing injuries. You just have to ask your provider about such exceptions.

Thirdly, some dental insurance plans also offer a clause wherein they can cover the costs of a new set of veneers if your old one has deteriorated. They will only cover the replacement, not the original ones.

3. How Much Does Cosmetic Dental Procedures Cost?

Do you think it’s worth the search? Considering the skyhigh costs of cosmetic dental procedures, looking for discounts may be your only chance to afford them.

According to a recent study, costs of aesthetic dental procedures continue to rise. A few years ago, porcelain veneers cost anywhere from $980 up to more than $2000, just for a single veneer, depending on the quality of veneer to be used. Porcelain crowns cost around the same. Front tooth bonding costs anywhere between $300 and $1600; difference in prices depend on dentists’ experience and skill, as well as the difficulty level of the procedure.

These days, those who want braces for aesthetic reasons usually choose the Invisalign invisible braces. These usually cost anywhere between $5000 to $8000 for a complete set.

The costs of cosmetic dental procedures also vary based on your location.

4. Choosing the Right Cosmetic Dentist

It is also important for you to choose the right cosmetic dentist since dentists have different skills and have received different types and levels of training. If you really want to get the best cosmetic service, you need to choose your dentist carefully.

However, here’s one important reminder if you’re planning to get a cosmetic procedure under a dental insurance plan. Most dental insurance providers have a network of dentists that they support. Usually, you only get coverage if you go to dentists within this network. This leaves you with a more limited database of dentists to choose from, so you don’t really have free rein on your choice.

Why Dental Cosmetics Is Expensive

But why is dental cosmetics extremely expensive? Well, one of the reasons why the costs are so high is that such a training usually takes a lot of time and money for dentists, so they naturally wish to compensate for this. Aside from that, if you want a beautiful cosmetic dentistry job, this requires expensive materials and state of the art lab work, which definitely raises the costs.

Thus, to afford these meticulous procedures without a problem, get cosmetic dentistry insurance.